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Flood Damage Restoration Services In Westwood Performed The Right Way

8/1/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Restoration Services In Westwood Performed The Right Way SERVPRO Interfaces with You and Your Insurance Agent for the Best Results After Flooding in Westwood

Damage Caused by Water, from Malfunctions or Storms, Get Cleanup from SERVPRO

There are a variety of websites showing a simple 10-step do-it-yourself fix for protecting your structure after a flood. However, they often promote their products that fail to meet EPA specifications and even forgo mentioning other important factors involved in the process.

It is hard to receive quality results while attempting to repair flood damage in your Westwood home alone, without proper training, years of experience, and access to vital resources. Using a variety of home products and household tools does not provide you with the services you deserve.  

Here is a small look at what technicians face when providing services involved in your home’s restoration process. First, you should never enter a building deemed unsafe, always wait for a professional to tell you everything is okay. Next, protect yourself; it takes protective gear for everyone who wants to enter. Before you re-enter your property, inspect it for known hazards. You might cause significant damage, start a fire, or end up in the hospital if you fail to get it right.The best thing you can do is check about flood insurance coverage.

After checking everything, all contents including furniture, personal belongings, and any object not directly connected to the structure of your home needs moved to a safe, dry location. Be careful and avoid any additional damages, each of these items could be restorable. SERVPRO does all of this for you. This is an extreme scenario of what you can face after a flooding from a ruptured plumbing line, appliance, or storm related reason.

You need to remove mud and any other debris from carpeting and flooring. Rip every section of carpeting and any other flooring out of your home. Once done, an EPA-registered disinfectant, sanitizer, and virucide should get applied everywhere. The entire process includes cutting drywall on every wall down, at least 2-feet above the highest water line to allow for proper disinfection and drying. Leaving exposed wiring, pipes, and framing materials that require cleaning and drying. Sounds like a ton of work, but SERVPRO technicians train for this.

So far we have only covered steps 1-4 of someone’s 10-step online guide to flood damage recovery in your home. Do you still want to tackle these incidents on your own, or would you rather have an expertly trained restoration specialist from SERVPRO on your side?

Contact SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood for qualified flood damage restoration services you can count on to get you back on track. (310) 390-7540

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Add-on Bay Window Causing Mold Damage in Century City

7/18/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Add-on Bay Window Causing Mold Damage in Century City Moisture Reduction and Mold Remediation in Century City by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Tip--Call Us If You Smell a Musty Odor

Remodeling projects cause headaches for homeowners when contractors fail to take adequate steps to protect the new area from water damage. Excitement about the rehabbed area becomes dread when you note musty smells for the first time. SERVPRO helps find and stop the source of water feeding the mold and remediates the current problem.
You added some mold damage along with architectural interest in your Century City bungalow with a bay window and window seat. Before the remodeling, no unpleasant smells bothered you or your family. Since the work completed a musty odor is noticeable. Whenever you fear mold may be growing, we can help locate any colony and determine the reason for the outbreak.
SERVPRO follows the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocol when abating mold growth. Our highly trained technicians first contain obvious mold growth, using plastic sheeting to protect the rest of your home during the remediation phase. If the mold growth is extensive, we use negative air pressure scrubbing equipment to ensure no mold particles leave the area. We remove the colonies and any porous material to which it adheres. The crew follows local rules and regulations as to disposal.
Workers then disinfect the area, seeking any additional evidence of mold growth. The mold inhabited an area on an exterior wall, making the space between the outdoor siding or stucco and the plaster or drywall inside of particular interest. We may remove some of the building materials temporarily to assure you that all the current mold growth is gone. Demolition is carried out only if it is deemed necessary.
Mold remediation is not complete until the source of moisture is discovered and eradicated. In this case, the tearing out a portion of the living room wall for the new window required proper flashing and sealing to protect your interior. Even a tiny seam inadequately caulked or space, where the new roofing pulls away from the flashing, allows water to intrude. SERVPRO mold remediation teams look for this type of mistake when investigating. We work with you, your insurance company, and the original contractor, if possible, to troubleshoot any problems in the rehabbing job that led to the water intrusion. We are a stand alone company and do seek the cooperation of other parties that may be involved in the total picture, but we can offer no guarantee of mutual coordination.
SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood awaits your call to (310) 390-7540 when you fear mold is active in your home.

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Ignoring A Slow Drain Has Serious Repercussions In Your Westwood Home

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Ignoring A Slow Drain Has Serious Repercussions In Your Westwood Home A clogged drain can cause major problems in your home.

Flood Damage Caused By A Slow Drain

A shower or bathroom sink normally does not seem like a huge flood risk. Each has a drain, and the water does not collect unless the stopper is engaged. When the drain’s efficiency has slowed without the homeowner’s notice or attention, however, even a few minutes of inattention can result in water spilling everywhere. SERVPRO is ready to solve the case of the slowly clogging drain.

Quick showers are the rule at your home, and no one notices that the drain in the guest bathroom’s freestanding unit has become clogged. When an overnight visitor takes a more leisurely shower than the immediate family, the clogged drain in that bathroom sends water pouring across the low lip, causing flood damage in your Westwood home. Everyone is embarrassed, you are frustrated, and we are on the way to make things right away.

The average shower uses just less than 18 gallons of water and lasts just over 8 minutes. If that water flows into the bathroom rather than down a clogged drain, damage to floors and the walls and ceiling below are possible. If the 8 minutes is exceeded, the damage can become more widespread. SERVPRO offers experienced technicians who wade right in to deal with this surprisingly devastating scenario.

Any water remaining in the bathroom gets first attention, extracted with powerful wet vacuums. Then our crew searches for the path taken by the rest of the water. Moisture absorbed by carpeting in the hallway or rooms on the same floor receive the proven extraction followed by in place drying approach. We loosen the carpet, remove the padding, and position air movers to get under the floor covering.

We also follow the water down a level, looking for saturation of nearby walls and the ceiling immediately under the guest bath. The large rush of water channels in unexpected directions, following internal structures like studs, joists, plumbing, and electrical lines in the walls. SERVPRO crew members vacuum up puddles and position air movers and dehumidifiers for soaked wallboard and ceilings. We stress restoration but recommend replacing crumbling drywall or bulging ceiling tiles. Our technicians are proficient in using moisture meters to locate hidden water and determine and meet drying goals.

A clogged shower drain is no match for the skills of SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood. Call us at (310) 390-7540 to arrange for one of our flood damage teams to help solve the problem.

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Put the Nightmare Behind You in Westwood

6/27/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Put the Nightmare Behind You in Westwood It is traumatic dealing with a crime scene that happened in your home. Call SERVPRO technicians to clean up so that you can get back to normal.

Professional SERVPRO Technicians Are Certified in Cleaning Up Biohazard Emergencies

Dealing with the aftermath of criminal activity prevents you from moving on with your life after a tragedy or frightening experience. Many different substances, odors, and dangerous contaminants remain, most requiring very specific remediation not easy or safe for a typical cleaning crew to complete. SERVPRO offers clients discrete, certified trauma and crime scene cleanup.
You already experienced considerable trauma during illegal activity playing out in your home. The authorities completed their investigation, and you now need fast and efficient crime scene cleanup in your Westwood home. In addition to bodily fluids, a broad variety of evidence-gathering and preserving chemicals and substances contaminate the place you used to treasure as a haven and refuge from the world. Put your trust in our well-trained team of specialized cleaning experts. We value the confidence you feel for our services and wish to restore both your home and your sense of peace.
If a standoff occurred inside your house, the smell and physical residue of tear gas, pepper spray, or other topical irritants fills the air and the area. You need the skills of our crime scene team to remove the substances, and especially the smells, from your home. Because of the chemicals utilized, there is a special methodology followed to clear them away completely. Likewise, if investigators lifted prints or other physical evidence from the surfaces inside your house, SERVPRO staff know how to make these powders, liquids, or gels disappear for good.
The debris remaining after the production or distribution of illegal drugs or other substances are tricky to contain and remove. We make certain our staff receive up to date schooling on the proper methods recommended by federal and state agencies to remove all dangerous and volatile materials.
If the worst happened and death or serious accident occurred within the walls of your home, SERVPRO technicians follow OSHA and EPA directives to ensure that human or other tissues, blood, or bodily fluids are managed safely. Removal without any trace is the goal, permitting you to move forward in a safe and protected manner.
For professional, compassionate, and comprehensive crime scene cleanup services contact SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood. One simple call to (310) 390-7540 puts you on the road to recovery from a life-altering experience.

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How Hydroxyl Generators Deodorize Your Westwood Home After Flood Damage From A Clogged Drain

6/5/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Hydroxyl Generators Deodorize Your Westwood Home After Flood Damage From A Clogged Drain Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified staff comes equipped with professional water extraction pumps and tools to assist during your time of need.

Do You Know How Hydroxyl Generators Deodorize Your Home?

A clogged drain can quickly cause a significant amount of flood damage. Indoor drains might be clogged up by grease or by flushing non-flushable items down the toilet. Outdoor drains can become clogged with gunk and leaves or compromised by tree roots growing into them.

Whatever the cause, there is no doubt that a clogged drain has the potential to cause flood damage to your Westwood home. SERVPRO is on hand to help any householder following a blocked drain – We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified staff comes equipped with professional water extraction pumps and tools, along with air movers and dehumidifiers to assist with drying out your home after a leaking drain. However, there is one final step that is vital to restoring your home, and that is odor control.

Flooding from a clogged drain might leave your home smelling musty and unpleasant. Naturally, you want to get rid of smells as quickly as possible so your house can be fresh once more. There is also the consideration that you do not want to move out of your house during this process. That is why SERVPRO does not use ozone generators in situations where moving out of your home is not an option – ozone generators are effective for odor control, but they are not safe for people, pets or plants to be around.

Thankfully we have another powerful tool at our disposal – hydroxyl generators.

To understand how hydroxyl generators work we need to understand hydroxyl. When light interacts with water in the air, it creates byproducts known as reactive oxygen species. Hydroxyl is a reactive oxygen species, and it is very unstable which means that as soon as it is formed, it binds with other molecules in the air and breaks them down. In fact, it is a bit like a natural detergent!

Hydroxyl Generators generate UV light and usually a metal surface to produce hydroxyl, which then interacts with the odor molecules in your home, breaks them down, and deodorizes the air by doing so.

Because the generators are safe for use around people, pets, and plants, our experts can set them up and leave them running while you go about your daily business, so there is minimum disruption to you.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Do not let unpleasant water odors spoil your enjoyment of your home. Call SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood at (310) 390-7540 for help.

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Beverly Hills Water Damage From A Malfunctioning Washing Machine

5/19/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Beverly Hills Water Damage From A Malfunctioning Washing Machine One of the most well-known causes of water damage in your home, washing machines can cause costly damage.

Water Damage From A Malfunctioning Washing Machine

One of the most well-known causes of water damage in your home, washing machines can cause costly damage. After the deductible is paid, the average claim nationally for water damage from washing machine malfunction is more than five thousand dollars.

Since washing machines have various ways of creating water damage to your Beverly Hills home, many homeowners do not totally understand the prevention options, risks, or cleanup options. Knowing just a bit about how your washing machine can create water damage, you can save thousands of dollars and many headaches. When your washing machine does malfunction, SERVPRO, a professional water damage restoration company, can come to your rescue to fix the problem and clean up the water and damages.

Supply Hose Leaks
Over fifty percent of claims from washing machine water damage can be traced to the failure of your supply hose. It can be caused by an aging hose, a poor connection to the wall or machine, or the hose being pinched while it is installed, causing a hairline break. Intake hoses are high-flow lines and can put out more than six hundred gallons of water in one hour. If the supply hose on your machine is over five years old or is not steel braided, get it replaced as soon as you can.

Drainage Issues And Flooding
If there is a clog in your drainage pipe, the sewer backs up, or your drain pipe is not properly lined up, the drainage system of your washing machine causes some water damage at least. Most importantly, avoid a clog in the sewer line. When this backs up, you can be faced with water damage that is filled with contaminates and poses serious risks to health. You most definitely need the help of the professionals at SERVPRO if this happens to you since they have the proper equipment and training to clean up the mess safely.

Internal Leaks
Your washing machine doesn't have to be incorrectly installed, old, or built poorly to create an internal leak. Overloading your machine on a regular basis can cause valves, gaskets, and bushings to crack or loosen. Smaller loads, even if it takes longer to do the laundry, keep your machine from shaking itself apart.

Identifying Your Leak
If you have a leak that is constant, you likely have an issue with the supply hose. It is probably an internal leak if it happens during the wash cycle but before the spin cycle. With water on the floor during the spin cycle or right after the machine turns off, you probably have a drainage issue.

SERVPRO of Beverly Hills/Westwood can handle any washing machine leak in a timely and efficient manner. You can easily reach them at (310) 390-7540, so do not hesitate to get in touch with them if your washing machine is leaking.

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Discreet, Professional Trauma Scene Cleanup Services Available In Beverly Hills

5/1/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Discreet, Professional Trauma Scene Cleanup Services Available In Beverly Hills Trauma Cleanup in Beverly Hills Requires a Professional Company--SERVPRO

Rely on SERVPRO for Thoughtful Restoration of Beverly Hills Trauma Events

When most people think of trauma scene cleanup services, they think homicides or suicides, thanks to popular CSI television dramas. While these incidents do require this specialized cleaning service, both industrial accidents, and circumstances involving animal biohazards also fall into this category.
Trauma scene cleanup specialists in the Beverly Hills area, often handle incidents where the risk of spreading diseases or infections are real. These specialists follow state and federal guidelines, as well as OSHA, CDC, EPA, and FDA regulations to disinfect potential biohazards.
Contacting an expertly trained trauma scene cleanup company, like SERVPRO, gives you the opportunity to avoid unnecessary risks and clean entire areas properly to prevent exposure. Whether because of loss of life, unattended or accidental death occurs on your property, or if you have potentially active airborne pathogens professional cleaning services are best to use.
Any incident involving bodily fluids or other tissues could lead to the spread of infectious diseases. Many viral and microbial pathogens require disinfection to eliminate risks. HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and many other viruses can exist for extended periods if handled incorrectly.
SERVPRO uses the proper testing equipment to identify the presence of biological contaminants on your property both before and after services are rendered to ensure removal of all existing hazards. Our technicians also receive IICRC trauma scene remediation training to assist in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to evaluate, clean, and decontaminate sites properly.
SERVPRO technicians focus on health and safety procedures, while also following best practice recommendations for handling equipment, supplies, and materials that require decontamination. All members of our team consider how each situation affects surviving family members, any occupants, or workers involved throughout the process and act with the proper amount of respect and empathy.
We are committed to providing you with professional trauma scene cleanup services that help families recover from these stress-filled events. Obtain access to compassionate, discreet, expertly trained personnel thoroughly prepared to handle even the toughest situations.
SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood works hard to eliminate bloodborne pathogens, harmful chemicals, and other dangers found on your property. Call today for additional information. (310) 390-7540

Fire Damage Restoration Processes in Westwood Village

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Restoration Processes in Westwood Village SERVPRO technicians are trained to determine what can be successfully restored and what needs to be replaced after a fire damage event in your home.

The Six Cleaning Methods Utilized by SERVPRO After Fire Damage

A house fire can cause many types of damage from a structural loss to ruining paint and upholstery. It requires a professional service with experienced technicians to determine what items are restorable instead of throwing them away.

Restoring property with fire damage in Westwood Village is often much cheaper than replacing it. Even if the item has an exceptionally thick layer of smoke or soot residue, SERVPRO has the cleaning technique needed to remove the contamination and return it to your home. Our company has developed six cleaning methods supported by our trained response team and a nationwide network of equipment and cleaning agents.

Dry Cleaning uses dusting cloths and feather dusters to remove light-to-medium, non-greasy, dust from affected surfaces. If there is particulate soiling (slightly larger than dust) or tiny pieces of debris, then team members use dry sponges or specialized vacuum cleaners to remove them.

Wet Cleaning is needed to remove moderate to heavy smoke and soot residues. Technicians primarily use water to clean affected items and surfaces, saturating them completely. If the process is ineffective, they use a cleaning agent in a second try.

Spray and Wipe is a process used on materials that would be damaged if they were saturated using the Wet Cleaning method. Team members apply a cleaning agent with a spray bottle and then wipe down the area with a white towel. This ‘misting’ of the agent gives the technicians better application control to clean the surface of items such as wood tables or upholstery without harming them.

Foam Cleaning is designed for upholstered furniture to prevent fabric from shrinking or the colors from running. Team members create a shampoo in a bucket and then draw the foam on the top to apply and clean the fabric with an upholstery brush. The brush agitates the surface with the cleaning agent but uses much less liquid. Technicians also apply foam using a pump-up sprayer. This device forces more air into the shampoo than a regular spray bottle so it can be applied directly before agitating the surface.

Abrasive Cleaning uses cleaning agents with chemicals designed to agitate heavy residue or other thick contamination. Technicians use them on rough surfaces less likely to be damaged by the chemical such as stone countertops. There is also the physical abrasion team members generate with scrubbing pads or steel wool. A significant amount of cleaning agent is used to prevent scratching the surface while still cleaning the item.

With Immersion Cleaning, the item is so saturated with residue or difficult to clean, we immerse it in a tank of cleaning solution. Technicians use this ultrasonic tank to generate millions of bubbles which are forced into the residue and across the surface of the item immersed. Ultrasound is a very efficient method that the equipment designs for each item of property, adjusting the agitation level, the number of bubbles, and the temperature of the solution.

Determining what can be restored rather than throwing it out needs to be done with a trained eye, rather than a sentimental one. SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood is here to help you through the process, explaining every step and method. If you need us, call today at (310) 390-7540.

The Effects Of Commercial Flood Damage In Westwood Fitness Centers

4/8/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial The Effects Of Commercial Flood Damage In Westwood Fitness Centers Fitness centers that have commercial flood damage can end up being hazardous to the health and safety of members and employees alike.

Commercial Flood Damage

One recurring trend that never seems to fade from being popular is being (or becoming) physically fit. Fitness centers usually have high membership numbers, and this creates a need to maintain equipment and facilities at an impeccable level. When events beyond your control threaten your center and your ability to maintain it adequately, your legal liability can also soar, and at the same time, your insurance coverage can plummet.

Fitness centers in Westwood that have commercial flood damage can end up being hazardous to the health and safety of members and employees alike. Instead of keeping people healthy, your once-popular business can put them at risk of trip and fall accidents from developing curvatures in various floor types and bubbles and gaps in carpeting.

As people exercise, their heart rates and breathing can increase intensely. Bad odors from flood damage, especially if the damage has been cleaned up, can give rise to customer complaints. As with any job we work on, we can quickly mitigate flood damage and all aspects related to this type of harm, including odor problems. A method recommended by the IICRC in occupied buildings is to use machines that produce hydroxyl. This kind of machine is safe for use in almost any setting, whereas ozone-producing machines, although better known, can be harmful to wet or damp carpeting.

Regarding physical damage to your fitness center's building, we can make repairs and restorations that protect your members from harm and keep you in business. SERVPRO provides training to employees in all types of material restoration and repair in addition to cleaning and sanitizing techniques that provide the longest-lasting protection available.

The different aspects of flood damage must be addressed fully to provide complete mitigation and restoration of any facility. SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood offers this whenever you have a disaster. Contact us at (310) 390-7540, day or night, for professional services that can make your facility safe again.

Slab Leak Causes Water Damage to Flooring

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Slab Leak Causes Water Damage to Flooring Water damaged wood flooring can be repaired by trained technicians who react quickly after damage.

SERVPRO Remediates Water Damage to Flooring From Both Above and Below the Floor Surface

Dealing with multiple plumbing leaks in a slab foundation is a daunting task. Making sure that the water damage done to expensive exotic hardwood flooring disappears requires a professional restoration team. SERVPRO proudly specializes in wood flooring restoration, protecting both your investment and decorating scheme.
The extent of water damage done to your Beverly Hills home from below the flooring can be astonishing. Even though no moisture floods over the floorboards, a significant amount of destruction occurs because of the high humidity and possible wicking of water into the subfloor and then into the actual hardwood. Our technicians train extensively to understand the harm water and water vapor do to your precious hardwood floors. After mastering the ways water damages flooring, they learn how to respond to the destruction. We emphasize restoration over tear outs and replacements, necessitating a creative and tenacious approach to these difficult problems.
The moisture from a slab leak rises into the supporting subfloor and then into the decorative finished surface supporting the contents of your home and your family’s activities. Unlike water spills or flooding from appliances or overflowing tubs and basins, this damage is stealthy and goes unnoticed, sometimes for extended periods of time. The damage done to the flooring ranges from slight warping to severe cupping, a problem that is difficult to restore. Cupping happens when the center of a plank swells, pulling the edges away and up from adjoining planks. Each length of flooring looks like a “u” if viewed in a cross section.
SERVPRO technicians always work toward restoration rather than removing and replacing expensive or unique structures or fittings. A mix of air movement, dehumidification, and heat is the most effective treatment for cupping caused by underfloor leaking. This method takes time, as does any attempt to smooth out the floor because water is difficult to move out of the pores of hard or softwood. Our staff determine a drying goal and measure moisture content frequently. Drying out a wet floor is not uncommonly a two to three-month process. The slow and steady drying needs a try first before sanding or other leveling techniques join the menu. Ultimately some areas of flooring might need replacement if the damage was severe.
The damage suffered by hardwood flooring from a slab foundation leak needs the professional touch SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood brings. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation by our flooring damage specialists by calling (310) 390-7540.