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How To Stop Large-Scale Flooding

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

neighborhood flood A flood in a Beverly Hills, CA neighborhood.

Chances are good that you'll never have to worry about major flooding. Of course, your chances increase if you live in an area in Beverly Hills, CA, where there is high water or other flood risks. The smartest thing to do is be prepared and have measures in place to protect your building and materials. There are effective ways to do this, which you should implement right away.

Common Ways Major Flooding Occurs

You may be worried that plumbing issues in your building could cause a flood. However, severe flooding can affect the entire community or city in which you live and work. Here are typical ways this happens:

  • Torrential rains that raise the levels of rivers and canals, causing high water
  • Earthquakes breaking levees or dams
  • The breaking of multiple main water lines in a city

Sand Bags

This is perhaps the fastest and most cost-effective way to stop flooding. City and business leaders can organize groups to fill these bags and place them along the banks of waterways, roadways and in doorways and windowsills.

Storm Surge Barriers

Some cities have moveable barriers to hold back overflowing water. This flood prevention measure detects when water is rising. It then closes the walls, fills tanks with water, pushes the walls down and keeps the water from flowing onward.

Water Gates

Some communities, especially ones on islands, use flood gates to hold back the water. The gates sit in waterways and permit small amounts of water through. As water pressure increases on the gates, they open and close as appropriate. These are similar to moveable dams which can allow certain amounts of water though, depending on how high the storm surge may be.

High water can be a big problem if you live near bodies of water or where large storms are common. Before you rely on a professional flood cleanup company to intervene, cities turn to these protective barriers.