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Water Damage – Beverly Hills Office Building

Water damage struck this Beverly Hills office suite when a flash flood caused water to enter the interior of the building through a poorly sealed door. The befo... READ MORE

Mold Demolition for a Beverly Hills Garage

Roof leaks going unrepaired can eventually lead to significant mold damage as witnessed in this Beverly Hills garage. SERVPRO technicians recognize when our phi... READ MORE

Beverly Hills Flood Cleanup and Dryout

The flood left standing water on portions of this Beverly Hills home. Smartly, the homeowner immediately called SERVPRO in to help with the disaster to the kitc... READ MORE

Water Damage - Beverly Hills Home

Water damage that destroyed this Beverly Hills home's hall closet was caused by a plumbing leak from the upper floor. There was so much water absorption by the ... READ MORE

Water Leak Damages Stairway in Westwood

A water leak from a second-floor bathroom can cause extensive damage since water runs downhill. In a California home, including Westwood, the structural integri... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Beverly Hills Home

Mold damage struck this Beverly Hills home due to water leakage from a supply line. The water leakage along with the darkness of the affected area created the p... READ MORE

Westwood Storm Damaged Bathroom

The damaged roof allowed stormwater to run down into the attic ruining this section of the ceiling. Our Westwood client, relied on us after we had restored his ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Beverly Hills Garage

Fire damage to this Beverly Hills Garage Charred the flat ceiling. Thankfully, the fire damage was limited to the supports and the beams with no structural dama... READ MORE

Office Suites in West Hollywood Suffer Water Intrusion

The damage to the carpeting and furnishings of this West Hollywood admin building was mitigated by a rapid SERVPRO response. The furniture was moved to unaffect... READ MORE

Home Office Water Damage in Beverly Hills

This small office was damaged by water in a Beverly Hills shopping center. The ruptured water line doused the carpet with a layer of pooling water. SERVPRO tech... READ MORE