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Content Cleaning and Fire Damage

10/1/2022 (Permalink)

burned stove Kitchen damaged by fire

Content Cleaning and Fire Damage

We know what it’s like to lose your belongings to a fire. That’s why we offer content cleaning to help you recover from the effects of fire damage. If your clothes have been damaged in a fire, our professional team will spot and clean them for you. We can also advise you on what process is best for any specific piece of clothing or item.

Content cleaning is a service that can be done by professionals if your clothing has been damaged in a fire.

Although it may seem like a daunting task, each piece of content will be pre-spotted, pre-tested and thoroughly cleaned. Contents with smoke residue may need an additional ultrasonic cleaning process.

If you're feeling overwhelmed about how to proceed with cleaning your clothing after this unfortunate event, we've got you covered! We can help you get back on track and make sure that your items are restored to their former glory so that they look as good as new!

Each piece of content will be pre-spotted, pre-tested and thoroughly cleaned.

The first step in the cleaning process is pre-spotting, which involves a thorough inspection of each item to determine what damage it has sustained and whether it can be cleaned. If an item cannot be cleaned, we will discard it. Next, we thoroughly clean all items (including furniture) using our proprietary process that removes smoke residue while also preventing any new soiling from occurring.

Contents with smoke residue may need an additional ultrasonic cleaning process.

The contents of your items can be affected by smoke residue. Smoke can make an item smell like burnt or wet wood, or it may leave behind a yellow discoloration that won't wash out. Smoke residue can also cause the ink on labels to fade, which will make them illegible.

Smoke residue may need to be removed before you clean the item using other methods such as steaming and dry cleaning (using chemicals). Ultrasonic cleaning is one effective way of removing dirt and grime from objects but not all materials are suitable for this type of cleaning process so check with your dry cleaner first!

We'll help you get your belongings back in good shape after fire damage. 

We're here to help with our expert post-fire cleaning services. Whether you need help getting rid of the smell or repairing some of the physical damage left behind by fire, we'll fix everything up, so it looks like nothing ever happened. We'll even make sure all those pesky stains disappear from your carpeting so no one will ever suspect anything was amiss.

Our experience with these situations makes us uniquely qualified to handle any situation involving smoke or water damage. So, whether you've been through a kitchen fire recently or have just gotten back from vacation (and found out about another family member's house burning down), let us do what we do best: restore order after chaos has taken over!

We are proud to say that we offer some of the best prices in town for a wide range of services. We’re confident that our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee will give you peace of mind when dealing with your fire-damaged items, and we can help you get back on your feet quickly after an emergency like this!

Why Hidden Mold Causes Odors and How To Detect It

8/28/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall and wet condensation Mold remediation and removal in Westwood Village, CA

An odd smell in your commercial building that you can't locate the source of can be an extremely frustrating experience. There are several reasons why you may be noticing a mold smell on your property, even though you haven't seen any mold. If you discover any, it is important to have mold remediation professionals deal with it before the problem grows.

Reasons You May Smell Mold But Not See It

Fungus smell is often described as a musty odor. If you are smelling mold but not seeing any, it is probably because there are a variety of hidden places mold may grow:

  • Behind walls
  • Under flooring
  • In-ceiling tiles
  • Inside storage areas
  • Under fabric on upholstered furniture

Causes of Mold Odor
Mold smell occurs because these fungi produce and release compounds, called microbial volatile organic compounds, that have strong odors and are quickly released into the air. If you are noticing mold or mildew smell in your building, you should investigate any surfaces that have recently been wet and current sources of moisture.

Detecting Hidden Mold
You can find some hidden mold by simply looking for it. However, mold that occurs behind walls, under flooring and other areas may not be able to be detected by visual inspection without tearing out material. Test kits are available that may detect the presence of mold, but usually are not very helpful at identifying the location of it. A mold professional in Westwood Village, CA, can inspect your property and use advanced detection systems, such as infrared cameras, to locate mold that is hidden behind surfaces.

Preventing Mold
To prevent future mold problems, dry out anything that is damaged by water within 24 to 48 hours. Repair any leaking plumbing or equipment. Take steps to control excess moisture from condensation in HVAC systems and other sources.
If there is a mold smell in your building, chances are you have mold growing somewhere. A professional inspection can help you identify and remove sources.

Top 3 Reasons Why Irrigation Maintenance Is Important

6/19/2022 (Permalink)

Irrigation system Regular irrigation maintenance ensures the system works as intended or better.

Why You Should Maintain the Sprinklers

Before you use the sprinkler system to refresh the plants outside your Westwood, CA, business, it is important to perform irrigation maintenance. While it can seem tedious and challenging at times, it is important for the well-being of the system and your landscape. Learn about some of the reasons why you should maintain the sprinklers.

1. Prevents Sprinkler Flooding and Other Issues
Outdoor sprinklers are exposed to a variety of dangerous elements that can damage them. Animals, civilian traffic, severe weather and typical wear and tear can damage the sprinkler heads, pipes and valves that compose the system. Issues with these parts can cause improper irrigation that can malnourish the plant life or cause flooding in your property that can be fixed by commercial building restoration specialists. Frequent inspections can help you find these problems so you can fix them immediately.

2. Adapts System to Seasonal Changes
The development of your property's vegetation depends on each season's precipitation and temperature. As part of your irrigation maintenance schedule, you might need to adjust the direction and quantity of the water spread throughout the landscape, as plants might need more water in one season than another. Failing to adapt the system to each season can cause your plants to be either under or overwatered, which can result in dead grass, trees and flowers.

3. Encourages Upgrades That Improve Efficiency
Despite the straightforward purpose of outdoor sprinklers, manufacturers are always improving the ways that water is distributed throughout the property. New irrigation technology, especially when operated by computers, distributes water in a manner that reduces waste and reaches the most territory. Maintenance allows you to observe the current irrigation setup, then decide what components need upgrades and whether to replace the entire system for a more efficient counterpart.
Every device that services your business requires upkeep and your sprinklers are no exception. Regular irrigation maintenance ensures the system works as intended or better, which keeps your landscape and your business healthy.

Why You Should Purchase Fire Insurance for Your Commercial Building

5/11/2022 (Permalink)

Burned desks, chairs, computers. On top of the desks there are different things burned. Commercial fire in Westwood, CA

Property fires may be more common than you think they are. In 2017, there were nearly 500,000 structure fires in America alone. These fires caused more than $10 billion in damage. While most of these blazes occurred in homes, they can harm commercial buildings, as well. That is why you need to purchase fire insurance for your business.

The Types of Damage During a Fire

Fire is destructive in multiple ways. They can cause damage via:

  • Flames
  • Heat
  • Smoke

Most commercial insurance policies will pay for fire damage that results from all of these sources. Insurance can also cover fees charged by fire departments. Any harm that results from fire suppressants, such as fire extinguishers and sprinklers, should be part of your policy, as well.
If you do not have proper fire insurance, you will have to use company profits or assets to cover the cost of fire restoration and smoke cleanup services. Your business could shut down entirely if it cannot afford the remediation. Insurance should thus help your company survive a fire disaster.

The Proper Amount of Insurance

You may be tempted to lower your premium by insuring your property for less than what it is worth. Yet underinsuring your Westwood, CA, property is almost as bad as failing to insure it at all. For starters, you likely will not have enough coverage to pay for the full cost of the restoration. Your insurer may also impose a penalty if you fail to purchase sufficient insurance.
To make sure you insure your property for its actual value, have an appraiser assess the premises annually. When deciding how much insurance to purchase, use the appraiser's calculations rather than your agent's estimations.
Buying fire insurance is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. It should give you the funds to keep your company afloat following a blaze.

Getting Ready for the Worst: Disaster Preparedness Tips

2/1/2022 (Permalink)

Board up windows and door of a building Invest in wind shutters or board windows with plywood.

Storm Preparedness

How quickly can your company can get back on its feet after a tornado, fire or flood? If you don’t have a disaster preparedness plan, the answer is probably not very fast. Emergency plans aren’t often top of mind when the weather is good, but that’s exactly when you should prepare. Ensure your Beverly Hills, CA, business is ready to weather the worst in the future by following these tips today.

Learn the Risks

Disaster risks are posed by events both manmade and naturally occurring. Some of the top things to plan for include the following situations:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Terror attacks
  • Flooding

A good preparedness plan should be effective across all the above and more. Below are a few tips to get you started.

Create a Business Continuity Blueprint

Figuring out how to keep your organization on its feet during disaster is a key, but often overlooked, part of disaster preparation. Start by identifying your business’s critical operations. Determine which staff roles are crucial to keeping your company afloat and which suppliers, shippers and resources are integral to daily business.

Stash Emergency Supplies

Think about the basics as you prepare a storm supply kit. In addition to basic first aid items, your disaster preparedness kit should contain these necessities:

  • Fresh water
  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Whistle to signal for help
  • Battery-powered commercial radio
  • Moistened towelettes

This is just a start. Evaluate your unique needs and build out your business preparedness kit throughout the year.

Secure Your Property

When a storm is imminent, taking basic steps to secure your property can reduce damage. Invest in wind shutters or board windows with plywood. Move garbage bins, furniture and other potential projectiles indoors and secure lids and other moving parts on items that can be brought inside.

Disaster preparedness isn’t glamorous, but it is necessary. Use these tips from top storm preparedness experts to ensure your business isn’t wiped out.

Important Guidelines for Checking Your Fire Sprinklers

1/24/2022 (Permalink)

red head of a fire sprinkler A fire sprinkler is vital to your safety and well-being.

Checking Your Fire Sprinklers: Important Guidelines

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you can’t always prevent disasters from occurring in your Westwood, CA, workplace. There are ways you can prepare for the worst and reduce the risk of serious harm and costly damage. One of the best ways to combat a fire in your office is with a fire sprinkler system. If you don’t currently have sprinklers in your building, it’s time to install some. If you do have them, follow these steps to ensure they’re ready for action.

Overviews of Do’s and Don’ts

When you’re dealing with a potential fire in your office building, you don’t want to take any chances. It’s essential that the sprinklers work correctly and that you maintain them over the years. Keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Hire a trusted emergency remediation professional to install this fire suppression system.
  • Conduct a yearly test of the sprinklers to ensure they work properly.
  • Schedule an annual inspection from a certified professional.
  • Don’t do any of these things without the assistance of an expert.

The Installation

The city in which your building is located probably has certain regulations for the fire code. A professional company will know these guidelines and be able to determine how many sprinklers your office needs based on its layout and size. The company can also install the appropriate size of sprinklers, set to expel the right amount of fire suppressant.

The Inspection

Inspecting your fire sprinkler system won’t just satisfy the local fire marshal but can give you peace of mind that these devices will perform effectively if the time comes. Make sure you schedule these inspections as often as required, or even more frequently if you have concerns.

The Test

Just as a fire drill helps you understand what to do in the event of a fire, a sprinkler test demonstrates how this system reacts in an emergency. A restoration crew can provide any fire sprinkler clean up after the test.

It should be easy to see why a fire sprinkler system is so vital to your safety and well-being. Proper installation, inspection and testing gives you the confidence that you’ll have the protection you need during a fire.

How To Minimize Losses From Business Interruption

12/24/2021 (Permalink)

mud on floor of an office, concept of flood damage. Flood damage in Beverly Hills, CA.

How to Reduce Business Interruption Losses

How would your business be affected if your building in Beverly Hills, CA, was temporarily unusable due to flooding? Business interruption insurance can help offset some of the financial impacts, but a quick cleanup and restoration are the key to minimizing losses.

Business Interruptions

Business interruption insurance usually covers things like lost income during a temporary relocation, compensating you for revenue you would have made during that time period. This is great, but there are often limitations, including a waiting period and maximums. When you experience large water damage, you may have downtime due to things like:

  • Damages to equipment
  • Damages to office or warehouse space
  • Inventory loss
  • Temporary move-out for remediation and repairs

One of the most difficult financial hardships from a business interruption comes from the loss of long-term customer relationships when customers go elsewhere to fill their needs. Recovery from flooding can have a lasting impact in this way. The best solution to reduce these losses is to minimize the recovery time.

Minimize Recovery Time

A quick recovery is best to reduce losses from direct damages and from lost revenues, as well as those more harmful long-term customer losses. How can you minimize downtime after flooding? Work with a commercial water mitigation specialist. By doing this, you better your chance of a quick and effective recovery by relying on expertise and knowledge that is relevant to your exact needs. You will also benefit from the use of specialized equipment that removes water and dries materials effectively. In contrast, individual contractors are a larger gamble as they may or may not have flood experience, and you may have to work with multiple contractors to meet your needs.

Even though you have business interruption insurance, you can help minimize your losses from a broken pipe or other flood cause by calling a mitigation specialist right away. Working with a specialist is a great way to get back to business quickly so you can continue maintaining existing relationships with customers.

Three Steps To Prioritize After a Fire

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

Desks, chairs, computers burned, debris all over building. Concept of commercial fire damage. Commercial fires in Century City, CA.

Fire Restoration Process

Commercial fires in Century City, CA, can be devastating, and knowing what to do after a building experience a fire can be overwhelming. Here are three essential steps to take to begin the fire restoration process.

1. Call an Insurance Company

After the fire has been put out and everyone is safe, you’ll need to alert an insurance company that a fire has occurred as soon as you can. The faster you get in touch with an insurance claims manager about fire insurance, the more quickly the claim can be processed and fire restoration can begin. The insurance company will need to notify an insurance assessor to carry out an inspection of the damage.

Additionally, start taking inventory of any items that were destroyed during the fire and their value. Avoid disposing of any damaged goods until after you have taken inventory.

2. Don’t Touch the Damage

Resist touching or moving around any damage done by the fire until after the scene has been surveyed by a loss assessor, as this could slow or stall the claims process. Plus, damaged areas may still be extremely dangerous. Roofs, walls and floors have the potential to collapse, and all the soot and dirty water in the area can cause sickness. Even though fires have been put out, they have the potential to start again. Reenter the scene only after the fire department indicates it’s safe to do so.

3. Hire a Board-Up Service

Board-up services are companies that have expertise in cleaning and restoring commercial buildings and other related items after disasters like fires. These companies will secure the building against additional damage, repair damage and even provide cost estimates to repair or replace personal and household items. Additionally, they usually offer smoke cleaning, item storage and property cleaning. Ask your insurance agent who he or she recommends.

Commercial fires in Century City, CA, are distressing. Knowing these three steps ahead of time can help you be prepared in the instance of a fire, speed up the fire restoration process and ensure the property is fully cleaned and restored.

Take These 5 Proactive Steps To Prevent Mold in Your Rental Home

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

A hand with white glove cleaning gutter. Concept of gutter maintenance Keep your gutters clean.

Mold Prevention Tips For Your Rental Home

Mold is a voracious eater that thrives on organic materials and can quickly expand from a small hidden colony of fungus to thousands of spore-producing colonies. When you have a rental unit, it can be difficult to monitor and deal with mold’s growth, but you can be proactive in Westwood, CA, and fight mold before it appears. Here are just a few of the many steps you can take to aid in mold prevention in your rental home.

1. Increase airflow inside the property. The flow of fresh air can be achieved by opening windows and turning on air conditioning or dehumidifiers. As the air circulates, the movement can inhibit moisture and mold growth.

2. If your rental home has a basement, prevent condensation. Musty basements are often filled with dank, dark areas that lack the circulation necessary to prevent colony growth. Install fans or dehumidifiers to enhance air circulation and remove excess moisture.

3. Promptly deal with plumbing leaks to prevent long-term water damage. Once your tenant notifies you of a plumbing problem, call a water restoration team and ask them to repair the broken pipe and remove the flooded water. The longer the water sits, the more chance there is for mold to grow.

4. Diminish moisture in bathrooms by hardwiring the exhaust fan to the light switch. By reducing the amount of liquid in the air after showers, you can prevent condensation from feeding hidden mold spores. Mold prevention can be essential in moist bathrooms.

5. Inspect gutters and downspouts twice a year. As gutters fill with debris, rain can backup and overflow onto the ground near the building. Downspouts can also move and redirect water near the building instead of away from it. Pooling water can breed mold in basements and crawlspaces.

Mold prevention in a rental unit can be difficult unless you become proactive. Since property owners have limited access to their tenant’s homes, request your tenants contact you at the first sign of mold growth. Together, you can prevent future mold damage to your property.

Are Flood Cuts Necessary?

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

Flood cut, air movers placed on the floor A flood cut may be a necessary part of the flooding cleanup process.

How Do You Cut Drywall After Flooding?

If your commercial building in Westwood Village, CA, was affected by flooding after a big storm, you may hear your repair team talk about making a flood cut. You know you may have to throw out damaged materials, but is it really necessary for the commercial storm cleanup crew to cut out sections of your drywall? To better answer this question, you need to consider the following:

  • What is a flood cut?
  • How does it help?
  • How is it done?

Answering these questions may help you realize that this cleanup technique isn't as scary as it sounds.

Understanding What It Is

Before you can know if this tear-out is necessary, you need to know what it is. A flood cut is the removal of drywall that has gotten wet. Usually, the cut is made 12 to 18 inches above the flood line to ensure all damaged materials are taken out.

Looking at the Benefits

Now that you know what it is, how does it help your remediation? Drywall is an extremely porous material, which means it sucks up the water and holds it in. If there's any contamination, your drywall is now also contaminated. Removing the building materials that were touched by the floods removes excess moisture. It also helps your cleanup crew see behind the wall to know if the insulation is damaged or if there are problems with your plumbing.

Considering How It Is Done

When flooding affects your commercial building, a flood cut may be necessary. Chances are your cleanup crew won't go around to every room removing pieces of drywall. Instead, only the bottom portion of the building material will be touched. This cut only happens in rooms that were affected by the floodwaters. Your cleanup crew may make a mark on the drywall and use special equipment to cut out the bottom portion.

A flood cut may be a necessary part of the flooding cleanup process. This technique helps remove excess moisture and reduce the chances of mold growth.

3 Types of Commercial Insurance Your Business Needs

4/22/2021 (Permalink)

Inside of a building damaged by fire, computers, desk, chairs totally damaged by fire. Commercial fire damage in Westwood, CA.

Three Types Of Policies Businesses Should Purchase

There are many different types of commercial insurance and the terminology can be confusing to some business owners. The exact types of insurance you will need will depend on the type of business you own and your risk management strategy; however, these are three common types of policies that most businesses should purchase.

1. Commercial Property Insurance
This type of insurance protects the physical assets of your business, such as the building you operate out of, office furniture, computers, manufacturing equipment, inventory and other items. Some types of property, such as vehicles, are typically excluded because those items are usually covered by a separate policy. Typical causes of loss covered by commercial property insurance include fire damage, sudden and accidental discharge of water, wind damage and explosion. In addition to paying for the repair or replacement of damaged property, this type of insurance may cover cleaning and restoration services.

2. Business Liability Insurance
Liability insurance is another common type of commercial insurance. Some types of liability insurance may be required by law in Westwood, CA. Liability policies provide coverage for the money you are legally liable to pay to another party due to the negligent actions of you or your employees. These policies can be general liability policies that cover liability that isn't specifically covered by another policy or policies that cover specific types of liability, such as product liability, malpractice, or automobile.

3. Commercial Auto Insurance
This type of policy covers damage to your company vehicles from collisions, weather, theft and other causes of loss. It also provides liability protection for money owed due to the negligence of someone driving one of your company vehicles.
Every business does not require every type of commercial insurance available. However, these three types are required by most businesses. If you are unsure which policies you need to purchase, an insurance professional can assist you.

What You Need to Know About Commercial Property Insurance

12/29/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial Insurance Commercial insurance is a policy that can protect your business from unexpected disasters

Here Is An Overview Of This Type Of Insurance

Whether you own or lease a building, you need commercial insurance. This can cover the cost of remediation professionals for your structure, contents, and exterior features. Having this can offer your business much-needed relief after a disaster.

What It Is
Commercial insurance is a policy that can protect your business from unexpected disasters. This includes events such as fires, storms, explosions, system failures, theft, and vandalism. It typically does not cover the cost of damage after a flood or earthquake unless you have purchased an add on.

How Much It Costs
The exact amount that your commercial insurance policy will cost is based on the many facets of your building in Beverly Hills, CA. The main factors that impact cost include:

  • Exact address
  • Construction materials
  • Occupancy limits
  • Fire and theft protection systems

When looking for a policy, you should gather all of this information to get the most accurate cost estimates. This will help you decide on a policy that fits your budget and offers all the features you are looking for.

What It Covers
Your policy will cover your building, its contents, and any exterior features you have. This means that your computers, furniture, equipment, important documents, and inventory will be covered if it was stored inside your building. Additionally, any signs, fencing, and landscape features surrounding your building will be insured. Depending on the policy you choose, any damage that spreads from your business to surrounding buildings could be covered. If you have purchased additional coverage, these items will still be protected in the event of a flood or earthquake.
Purchasing a commercial policy will help protect your business from any unexpected disasters. The cost that you pay will depend on several factors, although anything inside and outside of your business will be covered in the event of any fire damage or other disasters.

4 Steps To Take If Your Business Experiences Sewage Damage

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Sewage water on the floor Call a professional restoration company to cleanup a sewer damage

Four Things To Do If You Find Sewage Damage In Your Business

Discovering sewage damage in your Century City, CA, business can be both harrowing and disgusting. However, you'll need to be on your toes for the sewer cleanup. If it's more than a simple floor leak, specific measures need to be taken. While a restoration company can do the cleaning, there are a few procedures you may carry out. Here are four things to do if you find sewage damage in your business.

1. Unplug and Turn Off Nearby Electronics
First and foremost, it's essential to get rid of any safety hazards around the sewer backup. Make sure anything that runs on electricity is turned off and/or unplugged. Here are some items to look out for in a business setting:

  • Computers
  • Chargers
  • Televisions
  • Video Equipment

Don't try to use anything electronic that was in the area. If the water touches one of these items, the surrounding area could become dangerous.

2. Open Windows
Mold is a serious concern after sewage damage occurs. Therefore, airing out your space is an essential task if you want to deter it. The fresh air also helps to get rid of any putrid smells from, for instance, a flooded toilet.

3. Remove Endangered Items
Anything that's been contaminated by the sewage should be left to the professionals, but it's prudent to remove non-contaminated items from the area. If the water keeps leaking, it's liable to reach more of your property. Keep in mind that contaminated items might be restorable.

4. Inspect the Damage
The entire sewer cleanup process will go faster if you know what needs to be done. Without coming in contact with the sewage, try to see what damage has been caused. Make sure that restoration experts know your findings. If you can tell that something can't be restored and must be replaced, you'll be able to start that process immediately.
Sewage damage is never pretty, but it doesn't have to be debilitating. Stay attentive and know what steps to take. Once the sewer cleanup is over, you can know you did your best for the business.

4 Common Types of Water Damage That Could Hit Your Business

11/7/2020 (Permalink)

Overflowing broken toilet Toilet overflow in Westwood Village, CA

Here Are Four Of The Most Common Water Problems Businesses Face

Sooner or later most businesses face a water loss of some sort. It can be hard to predict exactly what your company in Westwood Village, CA, will encounter, but a few problems do show up with regularity. For example, damaged pipes often result in water leaking into walls and onto floors. A leak could be slow and steady or it could be bigger and release a large volume of water in a short time. With many leaks, the solution is simple: Call in a respected water remediation franchise to restore your building and its contents.  

1. Leaking Pipes. The connections between pipes often spring a leak, resulting in water spreading into the office or the plant. This could cause damage to equipment and electrical systems.

2. Damaged Pipes. Your plumbing conduits can fail for a number of reasons. For many types of pipes, age will eventually cause them to break down enough for a hole to form. When this occurs, it is crucial to stop the flow quickly and then to remove any standing water. A professional team of technicians has the equipment and experience to clean up the mess.

3. Flooding. A flood in your facility could be the result of heavy rains or overflowing streams or be from a major plumbing malfunction. Either way, a flood could bring in contaminated water that requires advanced techniques to remove it and to disinfect all surfaces.

4. Toilet Overflow. This common problem should be addressed as soon as possible as it presents a slip and fall danger for employees and could also create unsanitary conditions. Once the toilet is fixed, the area should be cleaned and disinfected.
Damaged pipes and other water problems result in disruptions and extra expenses for a company. A fast cleanup minimizes damages and enables your company to resume normal operations.

Commercial First Aid Kit Requirements

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

a first aid kit Keeping commercial property safe is important, but a business owner's first priority should be employee and customer safety.

As a business owner, you're responsible ensuring the safety of, not only your commercial property, but also all of the employees and customers within. One of the most important requirements regarding safety involves keeping an adequately stocked first aid kit on site. Keep your employees, customers and building in Beverly Hills, CA, safe by ensuring that your emergency kits are up to the following standards:

Minimum Required Items
The United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has clear guidelines regarding the minimum required contents for each commercial building's first aid kit. The following items must be included in order to fit the requirements:

Two sets of differently sized gauze pads (4x4" and 8x10" respectively)
Gauze roller bandage (minimum 2" wide)
Band-aids or similar brand of adhesive bandages, including triangular-shaped bandages
Properly sealed moist towelettes, or other approved wound cleaning agents
One or more blankets
At least one pair of latex gloves
A roll of adhesive tape
Equipment that can be used to resuscitate an unconscious person(s), such as a resuscitation bag, pocket mask or airway
At least one splint
Two elastic wraps, minimum
Instructions that can direct the reader to contact emergency assistance

The above list is approved for an emergency kit that is located at a small work site (two to three employees). If your work site hosts more employees, you must provide multiple emergency kits to account for the increased personnel. Alternatively, you could increase the amount of supplies in each kit. These terms are non-negotiable, according to the United States Department of Labor.

Property and other physical possessions are replaceable, but human lives are not. Providing an adequately stocked first aid kit, containing the above items, is paramount to ensuring employee and customer safety. It could mean the difference between life and death in the event of an emergency, such as a severe storm or flood. Contact your local storm remediation experts for more information.

You Need Our Experts When Your Beverly Hills Business Suffers Water Damage

6/18/2020 (Permalink)

Who To Call When You Face Water Damage In Your Beverly Hills Business

It's easy to believe that a leaking pipe in your wall or a faulty faucet is not a major problem. However, faulty plumbing in your Beverly Hills convenience store can burst overnight and can turn a small leak into a disaster for your business. A burst pipe can output hundreds of gallons per hour, causing widespread damage to your building's structure, so it is important to quickly contact professionals who can halt the spread of water.

SERVPRO water damage restoration technicians (WRT) are experienced in mitigating commercial water damage in Beverly Hills businesses and make sure to efficiently deal with water-related emergencies. We are flexible in our scheduling and can arrive during times best suited for your business, such as during off hours or during ebbs in the flow of customers. When we arrive, we can identify the source of the spillage and plug it. However, if the pipe has a significant leak, then it is recommended that you contact a plumber. Once we stop the source of the water, we can begin removing any standing water present in your business with the use of industrial-grade wet vacs.

Withstanding water gone, we can inspect your walls with moisture meters to determine if water has penetrated your wall cavities. If water is discovered, structural cavity drying equipment can be used to circulate air inside wall cavities, helping dry the interiors.

Insulation is a key component in stabilizing store temperatures to ensure that food does not go bad. However, insulation can lose its resistance to heat flow after exposure to water, making it more difficult and costly to keep temperatures level. SERVPRO can assist you with the process of stripping and replacing your insulation, if necessary.

Wooden shelving in your convenience store can warp and crack as a result of water damage, and metal shelving can rust. SERVPRO WRT teams can assist you with drying your shelving and can deploy dehumidifiers and air movers to speed up the drying process.

If you are threatened by commercial water damage, then call SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood at (310) 390-7540.

For more about Beverly Hills click here.

Property Management and Storm Preparation

5/8/2020 (Permalink)

lightning bolt in sky SERVPRO of Beverly Hills/Westwood is your trusted leader in storm restoration services.

Property management is a significant responsibility. Depending on the facility you oversee, you are charged with caring for the safety of managers, employees, residents and consumers. Storm preparedness is an essential part of your job, and it typically encompasses four critical areas for you and your employees:

Shelter areas
Procedures and responsibilities
Recovery plan

Prepare a Playbook

The first thing you want to do to prepare for possible weather disasters is to create a playbook for you and other key managers. This book should include contact information for staff and emergency responders. As well, it should designate responsibilities for crucial team members to ensure the safety of teams. There should also be a page in your playbook dedicated to the protection and containment of essential documents and files.

Designate Shelter Areas

Next, every property manager needs to designate appropriate shelter and exit points. It is vital to inform all staff of these areas and run practice drills to ensure familiarity. One of the most significant aspects of storm preparedness is having emergency shelters and escape routes.

Determine Procedures and Responsibilities

It is necessary as a property manager to understand your limitations. Depending on the size of your property, it may be impossible for you to handle all storm preparations and evacuations. Therefore, it is best to distribute specific procedures and responsibilities to other managers.

Develop a Recovery Plan

Finally, it is crucial to develop a recovery plan to minimize business interruption. You can contact a storm restoration company in Beverly Hills, California to discuss the specifics of restoring the facility.

Storm preparedness is a crucial part of every property manager's job. By having preparations in place, you can minimize the panic and chaos that storms tend to bring. Also, by establishing a clear recovery plan, you can reassure employees that business will return to normal. In addition be sure to talk with a recovery expert so you can better prepare for possible disaster.

6 Fire Preparedness Tips

4/12/2020 (Permalink)

Automatic ceiling Fire Sprinkler at the Office Fire sprinkler system in a Beverly Hills, CA building

Tips For Businesses To Consider To Avoid Or Handle A Fire

Unfortunately, a fire can happen at any time. While businesses Beverly Hills, CA, can never truly fortify themselves against one, especially in cases of a lightning strike, there are fire preparation strategies to prevent accidental fires and limit fire damage. Below are six tips for businesses to consider to avoid or handle a fire.

1. Equipment

The first line of defense for when the unthinkable happens is having the right equipment and ensuring it is accessible. If a building is equipped with a sprinkler system, regularly inspect it to ensure it will work when it needs to. Ensure fire extinguishers, alarms and control panels are not blocked.

2. Waste Disposal

A key component of a disaster preparation is establishing protocol for the disposal of any hazardous materials, which can range from chemicals to oils and include combustible materials.

3. Storage

Any hazardous or flammable materials need to be properly stored. They should be kept in a dry, secure location with good ventilation.

4. Cleanliness

Along with the aesthetic appeal of a clean building, reducing clutter and keeping things organized to minimize the spread of a fire, as well ensures that exits are not blocked.

5. Plan

Every business should have an emergency and evacuation plan. A fire preparation plan should include a hierarchy of people in charge in order to ensure the plan goes smoothly. They can coordinate calling for help and important details needed to keep everyone safe and minimize damage.

6. Communicate

A plan only works if people know about. Ensure the plan is regularly communicated and conduct drills to ensure the plan goes smoothly in case of a real incident. It is also important to conduct equipment demonstrations to ensure everyone knows how to use fire extinguishers and other tools.
Fire preparation can minimize risk and ensure the situation is handled in the best possible way. Even if a fire does break out, there are fire and smoke damage professionals that can help restore your business back to its glory.

Important Facts To Know About Commercial Flood Insurance

3/23/2020 (Permalink)

Three air movers and dehumidifier placed on commercial building that has been affected by flooded waters Commercial storm damage in Century City, CA

While commercial insurance for your business is fairly straightforward, flood insurance can be a bit tricky. While you can purchase flood insurance from a private carrier, it can be expensive; it could also be difficult to find a company that sells insurance for floods in Century City, CA. The best rates are likely to come from the National Flood Insurance Program, which is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In some cases you will be required to have flood insurance, most commonly if your business mortgage is from a federally backed or insured lender.

Is Flood Insurance Necessary?

Even if your company is not mandated to buy flood insurance, it is still a good idea to have a flood policy. Sometimes business owners think that they can get by with only commercial insurance because they are not located in a flood plain. The truth is, though, that nearly a quarter of flood claims come from areas considered low risk for floods. Other reasons why flood insurance is wise include the following:

  • Floods are the nation's number one disaster
  • Floods happen nearly every day and in every region of the country
  • Floods cause large amounts of damage to companies
  • Floods happen quickly, often without warning

A flood policy administered through FEMA can pay claims up to $500,000 for flood damage. This includes the contents of buildings and for building repairs.

Is Flood Remediation Available?

If a devastating flood strikes your company, there are several actions you should take right away. File a claim with the NFIP. Seek out the services of a storm remediation franchise in Century City, CA. Call a company in that is Faster to any size disaster and that can be on site in less than four hours. A fast response will limit expenses, increase the safety of your employees and customers and accelerate your recovery. Remember, for floods you need more than regular commercial insurance.

Why Insurance Companies Use Preferred Vendors

2/27/2020 (Permalink)

a graphic that say 24/7, 365 SERVPRO of Beverly Hills/Westwood is available 24/7, 365.

As a property owner in Beverly Hills, CA dealing with the aftermath of an emergency can feel overwhelming. If your building has sustained water, smoke, or fire damage, you may be wondering who can guide you through the cleanup process. You should contact your insurance agent for immediate help. Your insurance company will likely recommend an accredited restoration service provider. Though you aren't obligated to use their selected company, here are some ways that preferred vendor programs help you along the path to recovery.

Quality Restoration Processes

When you work with trusted professionals who specialize in emergency cleanup, you get peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands. When you elect to use the restoration company suggested by your insurance, you save yourself the hassle of finding an available, trustworthy contractor. Your insurance company holds contracts with local professionals and this helps ensure that the cleanup experts will be quick to mitigate the damage done to your property. Plus, they manage your restoration project through to completion.

Trusted Relationships

A preferred vendor program helps foster trust between your insurance agent and your provider - so you know they are both working hard on your claim. Some restoration companies, such as SERVPRO, are held to very strict guidelines to receive insurance referrals. Your insurance company vets the contractor - checking their IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) validation, performing background checks, etc. - so you don't have to.

Warranties and Confidence

When you are dealing with an emergency restoration claim, you want to feel certain that you're making the right choices. Since you may not have extensive knowledge of the industry, preferred vendor programs are helpful. You can rest assured that your property will be quickly and properly treated, and the work should be guaranteed.
If you have experienced any type of damage that requires emergency restoration, call your insurance agent right away for advice. Your insurance company has likely already forged relationships with experts in this industry, so you can take a deep breath and let the pros handle it.

Are Your Flowers Overwatered?

7/28/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO today for your Beverly Hills water issues.

We will be there for your business water damage in Beverly Hills.

A prosperous business in Beverly Hills is hard to achieve. The sheer size of the region invited competition and only the savviest business people succeed. Imagine that you own a flower shop featuring the most creative arrangements, along with a wide array of fresh flowers offered every day. Speed and responsiveness, along with an original approach, is what has made you a favorite of your customers, and you carefully curate those relationships. Now picture for a second that your flower shop is the victim of water damage caused by the sprinklers system responding to a small fire next door. Your displays and materials are soaked, and your customers cannot come into the shop. 

Restoring your Beverly Hills shop after water damage is the key to restoring your livelihood. Calling SERVPRO as soon as you learn about the problem is crucial to minimizing your losses and returning your flower shop to normal. Like you, our SERVPRO team is used to reacting quickly to the needs of our clients, and we are available 24/7 to help your store. 

In an environment as delicate as yours, our SERVPRO crew employs advanced technology to monitor humidity levels. Our hygrometers and infrared moisture sensors allow us to find any hidden spots where water may have accumulated. With the use of industry-grade air circulators and dehumidifiers, we carefully extract water while maintaining the moisture levels you need for flowers to survive. Simultaneously, we may use drying mats to access flooring and other surfaces and eliminate water remains there as well. 

Before our SERVPRO technicians arrive, you should focus on moving as much of your inventory into unaffected areas if any. Upon our arrival, we can help identify any paper goods or materials that need drying. We also identify upholstery or fabric that needs to be treated with equipment such as handheld wands and work carefully to restore it all. 

Excess water should not derail the operations of your flower shop. SERVPRO of Beverly Hills/Westwood is here to minimize disruption. Call us at (310) 390-7540 and let us leave your shop “Like it never even happened.” 

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We Can Restore Your Century City Bookstore To Pre-Damage Condition

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

Many of the books and other compositions you have in your store can immediately become at risk when water loss situations occur in your bookstore.

Quick Extraction For Your Century City Bookstore

While so many readers have already gone the way of digital formatting, you still see a great deal of foot traffic to your Century City bookstore daily. While you strive to provide a calm atmosphere for your customers with an organized display to help patrons locate what they are looking for quickly, water loss incidents can make things chaotic and require you to shut your doors until the appropriate cleanup and removal efforts have taken place.

As you might expect, beyond the immediate risks to the customers, your stock is also at risk until water removal in your Century City bookstore has taken place. With the organic composition of the average paperback and hardcover novel stocked in your store, moisture can distort the pages of these books and leave many of them within the immediately affected area in danger of facilitating mold growth and other hazardous effects.

From the time that our SERVPRO technicians arrive at your business, we must set up containment of the affected area and remove at-risk items from the damaged portion of the store. Our pack-out process can protect novels and other publications from the moisture damage and direct exposure of spreading standing water. Water removal is the most effective approach to reducing the pressing risks to the structure, shelving, and other contents of the shop.

While we have many unique tools and equipment that can remove standing water from your building, we often choose to use portable sump pumps and wet-vacs with extraction wands. These units are highly mobile, allowing us to move about the affected areas freely. For more severe situations, we also arrive with an extractor truck in our SERVPRO Green Fleet of service vehicles.

Many of the books and other compositions you have in your store can immediately become at risk when water loss situations occur in your bookstore. Let our SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood rapid response team help you restore the damaged areas. Give our experts a call today at (310) 390-7540.

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Don't Wait Call SERVPRO When You Are Faced With Water Damage In Beverly Hills

2/26/2019 (Permalink)

As soon as you notice a leak or any water damage give our trained team a call. We are available 24/7 so don't wait.

Prevent Water Damage in Your Beverly Hills Business

Water damage emergencies are one of the most common reasons for business insurance claims in Beverly Hills. Water is not only expensive, but it can bring the operations of your emporium to a halt. There are fortunately a variety of preventative measures which are low cost that can help you lower the threat of water damage to your business.

When you are facing water damage in your business in Beverly Hills, it is something that you want to deal with right away. Not only might it mean having to shut your doors for a time to clean it up, but that, of course, means lost money and disappointed customers. SERVPRO understands this, and we are ready to help you in a situation like this anytime you need us. As a professional remediation company, we are fully trained and equipped to clean and restore your structure in a short amount of time.

HVAC systems are one thing that need to be regularly maintained and checked. These systems are necessary to keep a working and shopping environment that is comfortable. They can, however, cause cost water damage if you aren’t paying attention. Most HVAC systems produce condensation which needs to drain. Excess accumulation in drain pans can lead to corrosion and overflowing water.

When this has happened, SERVPRO techs can clean up water with truck-mounted pumps if it is over two inches deep. We can then use industrial fans and dehumidifiers to dry the rest of the area out. These devices are monitored and moved around daily to ensure that we are getting the fastest drying time possible. If any building materials like drywall were too far damaged to salvage, they are removed and replaced.

Water heaters are continuously holding and transferring water. When they fail, they release a considerable amount of water which can cause a significant amount of property damage. Deposits accumulate on the bottom of the tank over time and corrode the tank liner. Moving water also causes much wear and tear on the piping and tank of a water heater. Regularly inspecting your water heater for signs of failure is essential, and make sure to replace the unit every ten years.

Other things such as leaky windows or a damaged room can create water damage inside your structure. Proper maintenance of your building can prevent these water damage emergencies from happening.

SERVPRO of Beverly Hills/Westwood wants to help you get your business in Century City, Westwood, or Beverly Hills back on track after water damage of any kind. Give us a call right away at (310) 390-7540, and we won’t hesitate to help make your business look as if it never happened.

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Discover Secrets for Responding to Westwood Commercial Water Damage

12/14/2018 (Permalink)

If water damage affects your factory or warehouse, lots of valuable inventory could be lost. Contact SERVPRO right away for water removal.

Providing Water Extraction for Warehouses Throughout Westwood

When water strikes your Westwood area warehouse, you need to respond with an equal amount of urgency. Water left standing long enough can permanently destroy inventory, machinery, and office equipment, right along with the floors, walls, and structural components of your building.

You need access to a company that specializes in water extraction in Westwood and can respond to large loss situations developing throughout the area. Someone who can provide you with the personnel, equipment, and resources needed to address multiple situations affecting different members of our local community all at once.

SERVPRO technicians have experience addressing large loss situations that affect warehouses and storage facilities throughout the area. Whether you are dealing with water damage as the result of a fire or are recovering from a flood, our team is ready and willing to help. We have an entire team of trained professionals available to respond to your water extraction needs 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. No situation is too small or too large; we are trained to provide you with full-service solutions regardless of your circumstances.

SERVPRO puts air movers, dehumidifiers, portable heaters, and water extraction equipment of all shapes and sizes to work fast. We work to draw moisture from the surrounding environment and make every effort to prevent damages to finished products or expensive equipment, including the structure of your building itself. Our services make controlling corrosion, rot, and mold after a flood easier than ever before.

SERVPRO team members work with your business representative throughout the extraction process, providing you with any pertinent information. We help you determine whether specific items remain salvageable and communicate with your insurance adjuster every step of the way. Our team wants to extract water and dry your warehouse as soon as possible, making your facility available to customers within hours or days, instead of weeks or months.

Make a call to SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood today for water extraction, cleanup, and restoration services that help get your warehouse water problems under control fast. (310) 390-7540

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When Your Restaurant In Century City Experiences A Flood, We Are The Team To Call!

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Our technicians are highly trained and can restore your property to its pre-storm condition whenever possible.

Our Commercial Flood Damage Services In Century City Can Restore Your Restaurant

The storm last night brought a significant amount of water inside your restaurant. Flood waters contain contaminants such as raw sewage, harmful chemicals, and dead rodents, which is why it is vital that you call professionals right away. Our technicians are highly trained and can restore your property to its pre-storm condition whenever possible. Plus, we work fast to save as many of the contents inside your restaurant that we can.

SERVPRO commercial flood damage teams in Century City arrive prepared to work. The first step our techs can take is finding and preventing water from flowing inside your business. Next, we can begin extracting all standing water from the affected areas. Our crews may use truck-mounted or portable extractors as well as pumps to remove water from inside the structure quickly. They may also use other pieces of equipment such as wet vacs and extracting wands to eliminate moisture.

We may need to remove items from the restaurant to preserve them and to help reduce your damages. If we have to pack-out contents, you can expect our technicians to keep a full inventory and to categorize, label and track all items we remove from the premises like tables, chairs and various food items. We can discard anything that we deem unsafe due to contamination. Our team can remove and clean safe items with our industrial-strength cleaning products. Plus, they can use EPA-registered antimicrobial products to sanitize all contents before they return them to the restaurant.

When drying the structure, our crew may utilize air scrubbers to purify and clean the atmosphere inside the building. Plus, they may employ air movers and axial fans to increase and speed up the drying phase. The techs may also use dehumidifying equipment and heaters to target dry specific areas and to force moisture from the structure.

SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood commercial flood damage restoration can help. We understand that you need to make a profit and set goals to get you back in business as soon as possible. We are available to assist you any time you need our services. Call us 24/7 at (310) 390-7540.

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5 Things You Need To Know About Water Damage To Your Beverly Hills Commercial Property

10/4/2018 (Permalink)

Water plays a large role in your commercial property.

Five Unbelievable Things Beverly Hills Commercial Property Owners Do Not Know About Water Damage

Water plays a large role in your commercial property. For instance, cleaning, laundry, pools, restroom, landscaping, kitchen, heating, and cooling. Although water is a useful resource, it is one of the most destructive elements. How? It can cause physical damage to your commercial property. What you need to know is that water damage can interrupt your business operations without warning. This can result in massive losses. Besides, occupants are exposed to mold spores and other health risks.

Commercial water damage in Beverly Hills is as a result of an overrun bathroom/sink, faulty plumbing, damaged appliances, malfunctioning sprinkler systems and backed up sewers. To prevent mold spores from spreading and allow occupants to resume their normal operations, immediate action is required. SERVPRO technicians are trained, experienced and equipped to handle any water damage emergency. Our experts respond quickly to mitigate the damage and save your property.

As a commercial property owner, there are five things you must know about water emergency.

It Is Unavoidable
Plumbing, sprinkler systems, sewers, and appliances are manufactured and so, they are prone to damage. A surprise leak can soak your floors, walls, basement, and ceiling.

Damage Spreads Fast
Depending on the leak and when it started, the amount of water seeping through the walls, floors, and ceiling quickly becomes a big problem. This leads to mold growth and further damage to your property.

Getting Electrocuted Is Possible
Chances of getting electrocuted are very high when the floor, carpet, and walls of your commercial property are soaked with water. To prevent this, cut the power by shutting off the breakers to the affected rooms.

Slipping On Wet Floors And Stairs Is Also Possible
Getting electrocuted is not the only problem you are exposing your office occupants too. Slipping and falling down can lead to serious injuries.

Never Wait To Get Help
The moment you detect water damage in your commercial property, contact our experts. The sooner you call, the faster our experienced team of restoration experts will respond and save your property.

SERVPRO technicians can start by clearing and moving out office furniture, appliances, and equipment. Using high powered truck mounted pumps, standing water is removed before drying begins. Cleaning your property using antibacterial products is then done to prevent contamination. Thereafter, office furniture plus equipment are moved back in.

Count on SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood for fast, responsive and professional services. If you need us, call our 24/7 line at (310) 390-7540 today.

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Commercial Water Damage Technicians in Century City Talk about Structural Drying

8/16/2018 (Permalink)

The ABC's of Water Removal in Century City Commercial Buildings Is Spelt S-E-R-V-P-R-O

Rapid Water Removal Helps Keep the Daycare Center Safe for the Tots

If water ever leaks into your Century City daycare, the situation can be disastrous. Excessive moisture causes unsafe conditions for the children attending your business. If building materials get saturated, they can fall apart and create hazards. Structural components can also weaken making your building unsafe for any occupants. If a water leak goes unnoticed for longer than 48 hours, mold growth can occur. Once a fungus forms it can quickly put out spores that get into the air. Mold can cause health effects in some people. Therefore microbes that exist in a structure's airflow system can create air quality issues for your little customers.
Any time excessive moisture affects your pre-school, our SERVPRO technicians know that it is vital to mitigate issues promptly. We use extractors and advanced drying equipment to reduce the extent of commercial water damage inside your Century City company. The quicker a structure dries, the less likely mold and other secondary issues can occur.
Depending on how wet materials inside your place of business are, there are a variety of different types of equipment and techniques our SERVPRO remediation team can utilize to remove moisture. The first step is to extract or vacuum up all of the water our specialized extractors can pull out of your building's materials. Once the powerful vacuum can no longer suck up water out of carpet, upholstery, and other things, we start the drying process.
When drying out a structure, several different conditions come into play. For one, the affected room must have air circulation so that water that evaporates into the air from wet substances gets pushed away from the affected surfaces. Next, we reduce humidity levels with dehumidification systems so that water vapor does not cause secondary damage. Lastly, we raise the temperature in the affected regions of the structure because warmer air can hold a larger amount of vapor than cold air. If the drying area is kept relatively warm, then the entire process can go much quicker. Monitoring and controlling the Relative Humidity RH can speed up the drying process.
Our SERVPRO team knows that your daycare customers deserve to feel safe and healthy even during the restoration process. We always take extra measures to make sure anyone in the building is safe while mitigation procedures commence. If you ever notice wet areas inside your pre-school, call SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood at (310) 390-7540 any day of the week.

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What You Can Do When a Broken Pipe Causes Water Damage in Your Beverly Hills Restaurant Kitchen

4/12/2018 (Permalink)

Drips Leak to Water Damage in Beverly Hills Restaurants-Call SERVPRO to Get Things Dry

Call SERVPRO to Mitigate Damages and Keep the Tables Filled with Customers

Restaurant kitchens are a busy place, and sometimes accidents can happen that lead to water damage. This damage can happen in a variety of ways, but perhaps one of the most common is a leak from a kitchen sink. Professional kitchens are large and can become a dangerous place when water is leaking everywhere. It is essential to address a leak when it happens and then the water damage that can follow. After the pipe has been dealt with, you may need reliable professionals to examine the extent of the water damage and then clean it up afterward. Luckily, qualified help is not far.

Depending on the extent of the damage, our technicians can arrive at your Beverly Hills storefront and remediate the water damage promptly. The strength of outsourcing the task to our team is that we are flexible with your schedule. We can work to dry your kitchen during closed hours during the late hours of the night. Our technicians can be out of your way, and your business can continue as usual during the day if the slip hazard is not great.
SERVPRO uses a variety of tools to isolate water damage. We can use thermo-hydrometers to measure the moisture content in the air and the structure of your kitchen. Using this tool allows our technicians to determine the specific humidity level and track which areas of your property are in need of drying. Infrared cameras are also useful during the entire service to monitor the drying process.
Depending on the severity of the damage to your property, we can select the correct tool for the job. Most often, our SERVPRO technicians can use a combination of dehumidifiers to dry out the air, wet vacuums to remove small pools of water, and air movers to keep the flow of air fresh and encourage evaporation.
When water damage happens in your restaurant kitchen, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood at (310) 390-7540. Day or night, we can take your call and get our technicians to your business as swiftly as possible.

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Commercial Water Damage Technicians In Beverly Hills

3/20/2018 (Permalink)

Beverly Hills Shops Rely on SERVPRO to Get the Water Out and the Customers In

SERVPRO Strives to Keep Your Business Open During Water Damage Cleanup

If a pipe happens to break inside your Beverly Hills clothing store, many steps require completion to return to normalcy. When water leaks into your building, many items and building materials possible receive damage. Water problems are bad for business and sometimes cause your company a loss of revenue.
Accidents get expensive when loss of business and property get combined. SERVPRO's commercial water damage experts in Beverly Hills always take in mind the operations of your business when completing the initial scope of the project. Often procedures and methods get changed to mitigate damages in a way that negatively impacts your business functions as little as possible.
SERVPRO's technicians always start a project whether commercial or residential by securing the area. Any obvious hazards get removed, and signs get posted inside the store warning occupants of various dangers. The area gets secured and made safe for your employees and customers before any work begins.
Next, all furniture gets moved out of the work area. All of the items inside the store get placed in an area that does not hinder business processes. Any items that are not feasible to move get foam blocks placed underneath them.
Then, contents that possibly receive secondary damage get removed from the work area. If left in a water damaged area clothing racks and products inside your store can get water stains or other damage after the initial problem takes place.
Once the work area is ready, we start the restoration process by extracting water found inside the building. Standing water gets extracted, and specialized equipment gets used to pull moisture out of carpet and upholstery. Different attachments to our extraction system enable us to vacuum water out of furniture, preventing water stains.
After all water possible gets extracted, we test moisture levels in the air and building materials inside the shop. We use penetrating and surface testing instruments to figure out which areas need drying. Then we set up air movers and dehumidifiers so that we create an environment that speeds up evaporation.
The drying equipment stays set up inside your store until moisture levels get restored back to normal conditions. For help mitigating a water loss, call SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood at (310) 390-7540 for assistance 24/7.

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Commercial Water Damage Cleanup In Your Century City Deli

2/5/2018 (Permalink)

A leaking sink in your Century City deli can go unnoticed at first.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

A leaking sink in your Century City deli can go unnoticed at first. There are various reasons why the sink can start leaking. The water supply valves, for instance, are always under pressure. If a connection loosens or the line is punctured, even without the faucet being on, water will leak under your sink. Drain pipes constructed of metal such as copper, brass, or galvanized steel can corrode over time and develop a leak, or if the P-trap under the sink is clogged, it causes water to build up all the way up the drains and make a leak.

Any leak or commercial water damage in your Century City business can be devastating. Depending on how severe it is, your operations can be halted. It is best to have professionals from SERVPRO help you clean up the mess and any related damage before it becomes worse. SERVPRO wastes no time in getting to your business so we can help you get everything back in order.

In the end, it does not matter what caused the water damage. When we arrive at your business, we determine the cause and start working on your facility and its contents right away. Once we address the cause, we can start removing and salvaging anything possible. Then we start to remove any standing water with pumps so we can continue the drying process.

To ensure your building is thoroughly dry, we then use dehumidifiers and air-movers. These machines are monitored on a daily basis, so if they need to be moved, they can be. In this way, the drying process goes as quickly as possible. Removing all the humidity and water can prevent further damage to your facility, such as the growth of mold.

If we suspect any hidden water, we make use of moisture detectors which can find any moisture we cannot see inside your walls, your flooring, or underneath the sink cabinet. Once everything is dry again, the affected area is cleaned and sanitized.

We understand at SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood that time is money, so when your business in Century City, Westwood Village, or Beverly Hills has a water damage emergency, we work fast to help you. Just give us a call at (310) 390-7540, and we can get your business back in working order fast.

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Understanding the Levels of Clean After Commercial Water Damage to Your Century City Clothing Boutique

1/28/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Works Hard with Rapid Water Removal to Keep Your Century City Business in Business

Fast Water Removal, Cleanup & Restoration Are What SERVPRO Can Do to Protect Your Business

Water damage to a clothing boutique is any storeowner's worst nightmare. The dirty water can damage the inventory and the store as well. Cleaning up after a water intrusion incidence is not a DIY job for Century City business owners.

Thankfully, restorations experts for water damage can get your Century City clothing boutique clean so that you are back in business in no time. That said, technicians often categorize cleanliness into three distinct levels. This identification helps to set up the most expedient means of extraction and drying.

Sterile level  
A sterile environment is one where there is no contamination whatsoever. Such type of cleanliness is only required in healthcare facilities such as hospitals. It is not possible to eliminate a 100% of contamination during routine cleaning. SERVPRO technicians do not sterilize any facility after water damage cleanup. Besides, you do not need the sterile level of cleaning for your clothing store.

Disinfected level
This level of cleaning requires the elimination of 99% of pathogens and other microbes such as bacteria, viruses, mold spores. In situations where there is water damage due to sewer backup, technicians can use EPA-registered disinfectants. However, routine cleaning is not able to achieve this level of cleanliness.

Sanitary level
A sanitary level is said to have achieved if the environment is clean to the point that general health is protected. There might be some soil contamination at this level of cleaning. It is a level of cleanliness that is desirable after water damage to a clothing store. The term 'clean' indicates to this ranking of cleanliness.
SERVPRO technicians use some of the best cleaning equipment and can achieve this level of cleaning during the restoration of the aftermath of flood damage to your commercial property. Clean water from a plumbing break within the structures is potable water, and is the least complicated process for extraction and drying.

Regular cleaning is required to maintain the sanitary level of cleanliness. If the areas are not regularly cleaned, they can become unsanitary.

Call SERVPRO of Beverly Hills/ Westwood today at (310) 390-7540 today to discuss your commercial after damage restoration needs. Remember, We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Mold Damage Embarrassment in High-End Century City Salon

12/12/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO quickly, thoroughly, and discreetly remediates mold damage in your salon with no interruption to your clients.

SERVPRO Treats and Prevents Mold Damage in Your Commercial Space

Century City is a prominent business district in Los Angeles County’s Westside. Built on land that previously formed the backlot of 20th Century Fox, the area began to house commercial enterprises in the early 1960s catering to the local film industry. Entertainment, shopping, and cosmetic and spa outlets are the draw. Business owners need reliable service providers who can quickly restore damage without inconveniencing clients.

The humidity and continuous water usage in your Century City salon and spa present challenges with commercial mold damage. You need expert assistance to manage any current microbial outbreaks and to help you adapt your practices to ensure that ongoing mold issues do not harm your reputation as a desirable hair and nail care establishment. Discretion and highly qualified technicians are a must. We offer the skill set and the professional approach to assist with this problem.

Mold spores are a constant companion to humans, even if they are invisible to the naked eye. Interior spaces are no exception, but the spores cause few problems unless they absorb water. They then begin to grow and multiply, creating colonies that produce more spores and sometimes mycotoxins that may cause health effects. Also, the colonies emit a musty smell that is noticeable and unpleasant -- certainly not a part of the soothing ambiance your salon strives to achieve. SERVPRO dispatches trained mold remediation teams to relieve your space of the mold damage now and to pinpoint the source of moisture feeding the mold infestation.

Using protocols approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), SERVPRO remediators contain the moldy areas with physical barriers like heavyweight plastic sheathing and further prevent the spread of mold particles with negative pressure air scrubbers that vent outdoors during the removal process. The colonies and any porous materials contaminated with mold are then removed, bagged, and disposed of following local hazardous waste codes. We sanitize the affected areas with appropriate antimicrobial solutions, and workers vacuum using HEPA filter-equipped tools.

We identify the moisture source and work to eliminate it. If you skip this step, your salon will suffer mold damage again. Likely culprits are leaky plumbing, including both pipes and connections, or spills and overflows you failed to dry out immediately and thoroughly. High humidity levels feed mold outbreaks as well, so we monitor your air moisture levels and recommend ways to keep them in the 30 to 50 percent range.

Get fast, discreet, and reliable mold damage remediation services from SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood. Call (310) 390-7540 day or night to schedule an appointment for an assessment and planning session.

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Fashionable Feedback to Flood Damage in Century City - Plan Ahead With SERVPRO

10/11/2017 (Permalink)

Your clients depend on the fashions in your particular store. Don't let them find a new favorite location after flooding. Contact SERVPRO fast.

Our Quick Response After Flooding can Save You Time and Money

The chic boutiques of Century City cannot afford the devastation of flooding after the record downpours seen in the past year. Flash flooding following heavy rains can be a retail crisis, especially since severe weather patterns causing harm are more common today. Fast and professional flood remediation is crucial to the health of your business when the risk becomes a reality.
Potential commercial flood damage to your Century City specialty clothing store is a constant worry. The intriguing and beautiful lines of women’s wear you feature are unique, one of a kind creations. Cleaning up after a deluge and simply reordering stock is an unsatisfactory option for this type of artisan endeavor. What you need is a flood recovery plan that caters to your needs, and we have the knowledge and experience to make that happen.
When your business relies upon exclusivity as a selling point, it is more important than ever to anticipate problems and solve as many as you can before a disaster strikes. SERVPRO offers commercial clients the opportunity to create an Emergency Ready Plan and Profile. One phone call to our office dispatches an experienced project manager to your store long before flooding or other water damage occurs. A thorough assessment of your operation and space inform our advice to you and helps us sketch out how we respond if you need our assistance in the future. We also recommend ways to protect your structure, fixtures, and inventory in case of a flood emergency.
You use our mobile app to enter information about your business, including your priorities should flood damage threaten your show floors, dressing areas, offices, customer service area and stock rooms. A diagram of your store’s physical layout and the names of your key staff and suppliers are archived for the SERVPRO team that arrives on the scene when flooding happens. To ensure that our efforts are not hampered by your absence, you are encouraged to designate one or more individuals who can direct the restoration effort should you be out of town or otherwise unavailable when the heavy rains create a problem.
If flooding does invade, SERVPRO crews arrive ready to follow the detailed plan devised with your input. Speedy, personalized approaches remove the water and get the structural drying on track while ensuring little if any of your special fashion inventory is destroyed.
Call (310) 390-7540 to initiate the design of an Emergency Ready Plan with SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood. We work with you to be ready just in case flooding, or other catastrophes, affect your business.

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The Effects Of Commercial Flood Damage In Westwood Fitness Centers

4/8/2017 (Permalink)

Fitness centers that have commercial flood damage can end up being hazardous to the health and safety of members and employees alike.

Commercial Flood Damage

One recurring trend that never seems to fade from being popular is being (or becoming) physically fit. Fitness centers usually have high membership numbers, and this creates a need to maintain equipment and facilities at an impeccable level. When events beyond your control threaten your center and your ability to maintain it adequately, your legal liability can also soar, and at the same time, your insurance coverage can plummet.

Fitness centers in Westwood that have commercial flood damage can end up being hazardous to the health and safety of members and employees alike. Instead of keeping people healthy, your once-popular business can put them at risk of trip and fall accidents from developing curvatures in various floor types and bubbles and gaps in carpeting.

As people exercise, their heart rates and breathing can increase intensely. Bad odors from flood damage, especially if the damage has been cleaned up, can give rise to customer complaints. As with any job we work on, we can quickly mitigate flood damage and all aspects related to this type of harm, including odor problems. A method recommended by the IICRC in occupied buildings is to use machines that produce hydroxyl. This kind of machine is safe for use in almost any setting, whereas ozone-producing machines, although better known, can be harmful to wet or damp carpeting.

Regarding physical damage to your fitness center's building, we can make repairs and restorations that protect your members from harm and keep you in business. SERVPRO provides training to employees in all types of material restoration and repair in addition to cleaning and sanitizing techniques that provide the longest-lasting protection available.

The different aspects of flood damage must be addressed fully to provide complete mitigation and restoration of any facility. SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood offers this whenever you have a disaster. Contact us at (310) 390-7540, day or night, for professional services that can make your facility safe again.

Commercial Flood Damage In Westwood

3/18/2017 (Permalink)

Flooding can cause major damage to your commercial property.

Commercial Flood Damage

Convenience stores and other small businesses have different priorities and concerns than homes after flooding. There is no furniture loss, and the amount of personal property lost is negligible. Commercial property such as refrigerated and freezer cases are the largest replacement costs in this situation.

Whether it is a convenience store or another commercial structure, flood damage costs in Westwood result primarily from two sources. There is the loss of business due to damaged property and how long doors remain closed to the public. SERVPRO has extensive experience in restoring businesses to a pre-flood state and getting their doors open again.

Our first step is to remove the water so that technicians can begin their inspection and restoration work. Our office maintains a series of pumps to remove water from any size building and generators to ensure continuous power. These same generators also provide emergency lighting and temporary power for other services. Items in refrigerator and freezer cases (milk and other perishables) must be disposed of when the power goes out; that is an immediate loss. Our response team removes and disposes of the perishables while also removing items (beer and candy bars) while cleanup is accomplished and then returned to the shelves. If the water has risen high enough to affect the customer areas, technicians also remove sale goods from display racks. They work with the store owner to determine what is recoverable and what is not; we also provide dumpsters for all items that must be thrown out.

Next, we dry out the cases, display racks, and the structure itself. The first step is setting up dehumidifiers to reduce the overall air moisture levels. As these machines work, technicians use extractors to draw out more water from around the property. To speed up drying time, they also install heaters at key points to dry out the compressor motors and electronics to return power to the refrigerator and freezer cases. Other team members wipe down and dry display racks by hand where needed. They also clean and sanitize the cases to allow food to be stocked for sale once more.

Reopening doors to customers after a flood is a long process. Disposing of damaged or ruined property alone can take a day or two if owners rely on their employees. The only safe, quick option is to bring in a professional restoration team. SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood stands ready to help you reopen those doors. Call us today at (310) 390-7540 to get started.

SERVPRO's Lineup of Water Removal Tools in Westwood

1/15/2017 (Permalink)

Don't let damage to the walls of your business steer customers away. Call SERVPRO quickly to remediate.

Many Critical Steps are Followed for Proper Water Removal

Nothing spoils the atmosphere of an eatery like water damage, which, if left untreated, can cause warping in materials, create pungent odors, and drive away customers. This water damage can originate from something as seemingly benign as a spilled pot, or as violently apparent as a large flood. Regardless, fast water removal is critical for a business with regular customers, which is why SERVPRO carries a wide array of tools and techniques for removing water of any volume as fast as possible.
Standing Water Extraction
The heaviest commercial water removal from Westwood restaurants comes in the form of standing water extraction. Usually, the result of a heavy flood, standing water is a time-critical factor that can cause damage in massive proportions if not quickly and properly attended to. SERVPRO uses water extractors, a type of motorized pump designed specifically for the task, to remove these volumes of water quickly and efficiently from the building containing them. Depending on the job, we will either use lighter portable extractors to reach into back rooms and provide greater mobility, or heavy truck-mounted pumps for when time is most critical and volumes are the highest.
Soaked Materials
The next tool in our line of water-removing machines is the air mover. Air movers can be thought of as extremely powerful fans, although they are different from fans in that they are designed to move large volumes of air at intense speeds, with a definite direction, instead of simply blowing air in a general area. These are set up in careful arrangement to whisk water droplets away from surfaces and materials in their path, even the deepest and most troublesome soaks.
As a final step to most water removal operations, we bring in heavy dehumidifiers to suck any remaining airborne water out and leave the room dry. Without this step, high levels of humidity can cause long-term damage to the business, especially to sensitive metal kitchen equipment.
SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood is a local authority on damage mitigation and restoration, with a thorough lineup of personnel and equipment to deal with any disaster you may have. Call us 24/7 at (310) 390-7540.

Be Proactive When Planning For Commercial Flood Damage To Your Westwood Apartment Complex

12/16/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Mitigates Water Damage to Your Business with the ERP App

SERVPRO's ERP Mobile App Initiative Can Mitigate Water Damage to All Types of Enterprises

Whether you are catering to students, who attend UCLA or the young professionals who are making Westwood an exciting and vibrant neighborhood you need to take steps to ready your property for accidental flood damage. SERVPRO recommends rental property owners consult with us far in advance of any flooding disaster. We want to plan with you in anticipation of water damage to your commercial structure so you can safeguard your tenants and their property as well as your investment in the rental units. Developing a comprehensive plan is a partnership between you and our flood damage restoration experts. You supply the pertinent details about your apartments, and we use our experience and training to put in place a series of responsive steps that swiftly will restore both common areas and individual units to their pre-loss condition. Your Emergency Ready  Profile will be available to our technicians should flooding occur, permitting our team to react immediately after we receive notice from you or your designated staff that an emergency situation is present.

Any of an array of events can lead to commercial flooding potentially displacing your Westwood tenants or damaging their personal belongings. Distracted renters can cause flooding within their own and others’ units by letting a sink overflow or failing to report a clogged toilet to you or your property manager until the contaminated water overflows into a bathroom and through ceilings or down a wall. Seasonal heavy rains can overwhelm your gutters, and flat roof drains causing water to cascade throughout both upper and lower levels of your multiple rental units, posing a risk to common areas and mechanical systems that serve the entire building. Tenants affected by the flooding may try to break their leases or seek a reduction in rent or monetary damages if you cannot restore their apartments to a habitable condition quickly, reducing the profitability of your rental business.
Take the time to download the SERVPRO  Emergency Ready Profile Mobile App as well as working directly with our pre-disaster inspection staff. Follow the app’s lead to answer the questions essential to helping us prepare to restore your apartment complex after flooding damages it. Designing a restoration and a mitigation plan before a crisis strikes is smart business, permitting you to share the layout of your building and the location of key water, heating, cooling and electrical systems with us, so we waste no time verifying these essential details. We also recommend sharing with us the contact information of staff members designated by you to make decisions for your business if you are unavailable.
Contact SERVPRO of Beverly Hills- Westwood today at (310) 390-7540 to start the process of developing a Ready Plan and Profile for your rental units. We are eager to work with you to prepare for the worst rather than have commercial flooding ruin your business.

Commercial Water Damage In Century City

11/15/2016 (Permalink)

Books must be dried within 48 hours once they are discovered.

Water Damaged Documents

Despite so much of our daily life moving online, some parts will continue to require signatures on contracts. One of those parts is the real estate business.

A Century City real estate office that suffers commercial water damage can quickly find itself losing millions. SERVPRO has a number of methods to dry documents, books, and other paper products. We won't be able to return your documents completely to their original state, but we can get your office back up and running. Time and type of water are the key factors here. Books must be dried within 48 hours once they are discovered. The water must be clean water such as from a fire suppression system. Gray or black (contaminated and dirty) water can be dried, but the damage may be too extensive to recover any useful information. That will depend on your decision as the business owner or office manager.

If you do choose to save your documents, our technicians will use five methods depending on just how long they have been exposed to water. Each method uses the process of sublimation, where we force moisture trapped in the paper directly into a vapor state. This removes the moisture from the documents by getting it out of its liquid state as quickly as possible or bypassing it completely.

Air-Drying - Used for items that are damp or have not been exposed for very long.

Dehumidification - Damaged documents are placed in a room or container with a dehumidifier or a desiccant to draw moisture from the items.

Freeze Drying - Items are placed in specialized freezer units that use intense cold to remove moisture.

Vacuum Freezer Drying And Vacuum Thermal Drying - These methods use cold or heat together with a sealed chamber to draw water from items that are either very soaked or have been exposed for an extended amount of time.

No document or other paper product can be returned 100% to its original state. A little curling at the edges or a few water marks is much better than losing revenue. SERVPRO of Westwood-West Beverly Hills has the equipment and methods to keep your real estate office in business when disaster strikes. Call us today at (310) 390-7540 to schedule an inspection and get the restoration process started.

Types of Equipment Used to Remove Excess Water and Water Damage

6/8/2016 (Permalink)

Flooded Sewer Pipes Require Professional Clean Up

Team SERVPRO Has The Latest Training and Equipment To Clean Up Damage Safely

Because natural disasters like flooding can cause an extensive amount of damage to a businesses’ structure, it is important for the business owner and their staff to develop a plan for recovery well in advance. The water damage plan that the team devises must include choosing a company in the area that can provide the appropriate commercial water damage restoration services. However, before the company hires a team to do this job, it is very critical that everyone does a thorough job of researching the organization's services.  It will help the owners and their employees to know that they have the best resources on site and in the industry, especially if a natural disaster does occur.
With this being said, we want the businesses’ in our area to know that our team of highly trained professionals at SERVPRO has the expertise that is needed to restore small to midsize and large companies to their pre-flood waters condition. The training that our team receives and the equipment that we use can get these jobs done effectively and efficiently so that there will be no unnecessary delays of occupying the building safely again. For instance, here is some information about our commercial water damage clean up restoration services that everyone should know.
Special Mold and Sewage Cleanup Techniques are Used for Health and Safety Purposes
After a flood, mold and sewage problems are a particular threat that people should be aware of. Because flood waters can carry various kinds of bacteria, the water has the potential of causing different kinds of skin infections and dangerous gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, one of the most critical Beverly Hills Water Damage services needed during these times is securing technicians who are trained in microbial remediation services. These services are used to remove the contamination from the flood site.
Hidden Places - Water Detection
While particular mold and sewage removal techniques are used to protect the health and safety of the employees, it is also essential to know that water detection services are needed to ensure all of the water in the business has been extracted, especially before our team leaves the property. So, there are a least three types of innovative detection equipment that are used in identifying and getting rid of these problems. These include moisture sensors, moisture meters, and thermohygrometers.  All of which are used to determine the water contained in various places including the carpet, baseboards, and the walls in the business facility.

So, if your company needs a superior water damage and removal services today, you can contact our representatives at SERVPRO of Westwood-West Beverly Hills by calling the number 310-390-7540.

Citibank fire in West Los Angeles

12/30/2015 (Permalink)

Our team responded quickly to the large commercial fire in West Los Angeles

The team from SERVPRO of Westwood-West Beverly Hills responded to a large fire inside the Citibank building in West Los Angeles. 

The fire occurred on the sixth floor of the office building, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. There were several people inside the building when the blaze began and Los Angeles firefighters had to help two people out of the building.

Over 120 firefighters responded and were able to fight back the flames, approximately 30 minutes after the fire was first reported. The fire was contained to the single unit and no one was injured, according to LAFD.

Commercial fires in the Los Angeles can be very dangerous and costly. Additionally, fires in large high-rise commercial buildings can result in property loss. The shutdown of a business can cause both short and long term hardships to the property owner as well as renters/tenants.

Fire damage can be devastating for a business or commercial property. Besides fire, smoke, and soot damage, firefighting efforts and fire suppression systems may led to water damage also. Every hour spent restoring your business or commercial property back to pre-fire condition is an hour of lost productivity and revenue.

SERVPRO of Westwood-West Beverly Hills team members have the experience, training and equipment to handle your commercial fire damage emergency. We will respond quickly and manage the fire restoration project through to its completion. To learn more about our capabilities, call us at 310-390-7540.

Four Tips To Handle The Aftermath Of A Beverly Hills Commercial Fire

11/13/2015 (Permalink)

Once the fire department has doused all of the flames, be sure to call a fire remediation expert.

Four Tips To Handle The Aftermath Of A Commercial Fire in Beverly Hills 

When a fire strikes on your commercial property, it's quite likely that you feel yourself start to panic. This immediate reaction makes sense given all of the economic turmoil and property destruction that a fire can cause. However, knowing which steps to take in the face of a Beverly Hills commercial fire can help prevent you from becoming anxious, losing money, and undergoing extensive property damages. To handle a Beverly Hills commercial fire successfully and speedily, implement the following four tips:

1. Contact A Fire Remediation Expert.
Once the fire department has doused all of the flames, be sure to call a fire remediation expert. This individual will be able to equip you with a thorough assessment indicating the extent of the damages. Don't ever attempt to handle any of the cleanups, drying, or restoration processes on your own. Doing so could put you in peril of injury and illness.

2. Assemble Your Records.
In addition to contacting a fire remediation expert, make sure that you assemble your business's essential records. You'll want to have this information with you when you start working with your insurance company. To guarantee that you can have all of your files ready in a safe place, make a point to buy a fireproof safe where they can be stored.

3. Call The Insurance Company Immediately.
Be sure that you call your insurance company once the fire is put out. This step is important because your insurance agent will work with you to file a claim and determine how much coverage you'll attain for the commercial damages.

4. Get Permission To Reenter The Building.
Always ask the fire department or another local authority whether you can reenter your building. In some cases, Beverly Hills fires can weaken the structural integrity of the commercial property and make it subject to collapse. This is why you need to assure that reentry is safe for you and your employees.

Call SERVPRO For Fast, Friendly Fire Remediation Services
If your business caught on fire, don't worry. Instead, call the professionals of SERVPRO and let us start cleaning up immediately. Acting right now is the key to limiting damages and expediting the restoration process, and choosing our team of industry specialists is the secret to attaining the sophisticated services you deserve. All of our IICRC-certified technicians will work with diligence and determination to get your commercial property back in pristine condition, so call us now at (310) 390-7540 to attain your free estimate.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Westwood Beverly Hills is strategically located to respond quickly to your commercial fire emergency event. When commercial fire damage occurs we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us today! (310) 390-7540

Four Things You Shouldn't Do After Los Angeles Commercial Water Damage

11/13/2015 (Permalink)

One of the most difficult issues a property owner can encounter is commercial water damage.

Four Things You Shouldn't Do After Commercial Water Damage in Los Angeles

One of the most difficult issues a property owner can encounter is Los Angeles commercial water damage. In many cases, property owners exacerbate the problem by engaging in activities that are counterproductive and ultimately deepen the damages. However, learning more about what not to do after Los Angeles commercial water damage can help keep you sane, save you money, and expedite the recovery process. With that idea in mind, review this short outline to ensure that you don't commit any errors that could negatively impact the structural integrity or sanitation of your property:

1. Don't enter any rooms that have excess water until the electricity is shut off. This instruction is important because when live wires touch water, they can electrify the water. When this happens, the standing water in the general vicinity becomes quite dangerous. For this reason, be sure that all of your electricity is shut off or disconnected before you enter the room.

2. Don't use a conventional household vacuum to get rid of excess water. Regular vacuums are not designed to clean up large amounts of water. If you attempt to suck the water up this way, you could wind up breaking the vacuum and/or causing the appliance to short circuit.

3. Don't try to lift wet carpet without the water damage remediation specialist. Doing so is inadvisable for many reasons, including the fact that wet carpet is quite heavy. This means that you could do injury to yourself by attempting to remove the carpet. Additionally, the carpet contains several tacks that can cause you harm if you haven't attained the training necessary to pull them up correctly.

4. Don't use electrical machines while the flooring or carpeting remains wet. When electrical appliances are exposed to water, they can fail or short circuit. Because these appliances are not manufactured in a way that makes them waterproof, the water can access vulnerable regions of the machines and thereby increase your susceptibility to fire or electrocution.

Call SERVPRO For Professional Commercial Water Damage Services
If you find that your property is subjected to Los Angeles commercial water damage, acting immediately and appropriately is important. By calling a team of trained water damage specialists, you can ensure that your property is restored with speed and skill. The best company to call for proficient, precise remediation services is SERVPRO of Westwood Beverly Hills. Our experts are IICRC-certified and will provide you with the detailed, thorough work that restores your office space to its original condition. We're ready to start working for you immediately, so contact us now at (310) 390-7540.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Westwood Beverly Hills is strategically located to respond quickly to your commercial water emergency event. When commercial water damage occurs in Westwood, Beverly Hills and surrounding areas we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us today! (310) 390-7540.

Prevent Water Damage in Los Angeles Commercial Buildings Due to Plumbing Leaks

6/12/2015 (Permalink)

Issues with plumbing systems are a very common experience with which business owners have to deal.

Prevent Water Damage in Commercial Buildings Due to Plumbing Leaks

A business owner could have a multitude of reasons for wanting to think about getting his or her plumbing lines examined every so often. As is the case for any tangible object, a Los Angeles building is subject to wear and tear when it is regularly being used and inhabited. However, many business owners do not remain vigilant about abiding by inspection and maintenance recommendations. This is not only bad for business, but it can also lead to situations where they are breaking regulatory standards and laws. It is very important for business owners to be able to assure clients and customers that they have facilities that provide them with all of the necessary measures of health and safety.

Issues with plumbing systems are a very common experience with which business owners have to deal. There are many different components within plumbing systems that are all connected within a network that stems from one core unit. As such, plumbing systems often require constant attention; if they are neglected in terms of inspection and maintenance, they can be severely damaged, due to issues that start in one specific area of the system and spread throughout.

Pipeline leaks are a problem that can have an effect on not only the plumbing system, but additionally the surrounding materials on the property. If a plumbing leak is present in the building, the entire system could malfunction and ultimately become obstructed. Additionally, the property that surrounds the leak can be at risk of becoming soaked and ruined if the problem is not addressed. If a business owner takes the step of hiring a professional plumber, he or she can be confident that the plumbing system in the Los Angeles building can be used without having to worry about causing additional damage to the building.

There are many different factors that can lead to plumbing leaks. Some of these include: buildup of minerals and debris within pipelines, the improper use of certain amenities, corrosion, improper inspection measures, and weathering effects among others. Whatever is true in the case of the leak in question, the outcome is typically the same. The entire core could potentially collapse, requiring the building's owner to replace the whole system. The business owner can save a great deal of time and money by addressing the problem right away. It would be a great idea to contact a professional plumber to have pipelines, as well as other interconnected components, checked as soon as possible. To clean up the water damage the business owner shoud call SERVPRO.


Commercial Building Restoration Services

We are available 24 hours a day to get your Los Angeles business back up and running. Our expertise includes restoration services for fire and water damage, including electronics restoration and document drying. We are also your business’s best resource for mold remediation. Learn more about our commercial restoration services: