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Why Is There a Puddle Around My Toilet?

7/31/2022 (Permalink)

Bottom of a toilet seeping water Leaking toilet in Westwood, CA

Why Is My Toilet Surrounded by a Puddle?

Happily, for most homeowners, toilets are one of the most reliable fixtures in the home. Sometimes, these essential items in the home will last upwards of 40 years. During all that time, the humble bowl only requires a little bit of care. Once in a while, however, you may run up against one of these situations:

  • The flush handle becomes loose
  • The toilet becomes clogged
  • The flapper valve wears out or gets damaged
  • Water leaks around the base of the toilet

For most of these situations, the repair is pretty straightforward, but what can you do when faced with a leaking toilet?

Act Quickly

No matter what the cause of a bathroom leak, it could lead to an expensive visit from Westwood, CA, water damage restoration crews. Your best defense against extensive repairs and remodeling is acting quickly to correct the situation.

Leaky Wax Gaskets

A leak at the base of the toilet is usually the result of a worn-out wax seal. Use a towel to mop up the water on the floor and watch for water seeping from under the toilet. If the water comes from a different location, the problem could be a cracked tank, sweaty bowl, leaky shutoff valve, or a loose tube somewhere.

Try Tightening the Bolts

Sometimes, it's possible to apply more pressure on the wax ring by tightening up the bolts that hold the toilet in place. Tighten the bolts alternately, using consistent, gentle pressure. If the leak stops, you probably don't have to take any other steps. If the leaking toilet continues to be a problem, you'll need to replace the wax gasket.
This repair generally involves removing the toilet and, unhooking tubes and hardware, replacing the wax seal, and then putting everything back together. If you aren't comfortable doing these repairs on your own, you can hire a Westwood, CA, professional to fix the leaking toilet.

Essential Steps for an Effective Sewage Cleanup

5/18/2022 (Permalink)

Sewage water on the floor The last thing you want to experience in your home is some sort of sewage spill.

Sewage Cleanup

The last thing you want to experience in your home is some sort of sewage spill, but it does happen. This serious situation calls for a rapid response from an experienced water restoration company in your town of Century City, CA. A team of highly-trained and certified technicians will arrive quickly and get to work restoring your home to its original condition. They will follow a proven sewer cleanup protocol that prioritizes safety and minimizes damage to your home and its contents.

The Sewer Damage Restoration Process
Once a crew arrives at your home, they will immediately begin to assess the situation. In the case of a sewer backup, the workers will don the appropriate PPE, watch out for safety issues and contain the damage. They will come up with a plan, communicate with you and get your approval, and then follow through with some or all of the following actions:

  • Complete water removal through the use of vacuums and pumps
  • Thorough drying of impacted walls, flooring and other structures
  • Professional cleaning and sanitizing of tainted surfaces
  • Cleaning of salvageable personal items through advanced techniques
  • Restoration of damaged structures such as drywall and insulation

While a flooded toilet might impact a smaller area, the process remains similar. The crew has one main goal: restoring your home to its original condition.

The Sewer Cleanup Results
A professional job makes sure that there are no lingering smells in the home. It also makes sure areas are dried enough to prevent the future growth of mold, which can be a possibility after water damage. A quality contractor will also make sure to look at the reasons for the spill in the first place and make recommendations to prevent a recurrence.
A sewer cleanup can be a traumatic event for you as a homeowner. A professional job allows you to continue on with your life without lasting consequences.

4 Common Plumbing Issues in Commercial Bathrooms

3/6/2022 (Permalink)

Leaking tap Leaking pipes and faucets can be a serious problem

Four Bathroom Plumbing Problems in Commercial Buildings

As a business owner, you know how serious plumbing issues can be. If one pipe break occurs, your business needs to shut down for repairs. Due to heavy use, commercial bathrooms are prone to certain issues. Here are the most common issues they experience.

1. Toilet Clogs

Any business' toilet is going to get used a lot. While they are designed for heavy use, they're still prone to clogs. Clogs in commercial buildings can be so much worse than those in a house. Plus, if they are not caught quickly enough, they can flood your restrooms. This can force you to hire water damage restoration professionals.

2. Leaks

If there are numerous bathrooms in your facility, leaking pipes and faucets can be a serious problem. While small leaks may not seem like a big deal, they can lead to a lot of wasted water over time and high increases in your utility bill. If you discover a leak, be sure to get it fixed as soon as possible.

3. Broken Toilet Handles

Excessive clogs are not the only thing that can be a problem with commercial toilets. They also are more likely to have a broken handle due to excessive use. To combat this, many companies decided to go with touch-free toilets. These can save money a lot of money by conserving water. However, if you are still using old school toilets, be warned that a broken handle can lead to more wasted water than leaking pipes.

4. Sewage Blocks

Another thing that's worse than leaking pipes is a sewage block in Westwood Village, CA. They can lead to foul smells throughout your business. This can drive away customers and ruin your relationship with your employees.
Some common problems to look out for in your commercial bathroom include a toilet backup, broken handles, sewage blocks, and leaks. If you find any of these, be sure to get them fixed quickly to protect your customer relationships and minimize your damage.

The Truth About Stainless Steel Braided Water Supply Lines in Your Bathroom

1/29/2022 (Permalink)

Bathroom supply line If you notice your supply line is leaking or it has already burst, immediately call a water damage specialist.

While many people incorrectly assume that supply line damage can’t occur to stainless steel braided lines, there are numerous unlucky individuals who have had to learn the hard way that this simply isn’t true. This situation can quickly lead to extensive water damage to your home in Century City, CA, especially if you are not home when the line breaks. Understanding why a bathroom supply line leak occurs and knowing what to do if the scenario does arise is important for preventing flooding and damage to your home.

Causes of Broken Supply Lines

If your braided supply line is broken and it’s causing a bathroom leak, there are a few reasons why it might have happened:

• Corrosion: Although stainless steel is resistant to many types of corrosion, it can be corroded over time by certain cleaning chemicals like Chlorine.

• Loose or Cracked Coupling Nuts: Since supply line nuts are often made from a cheap plastic, they are prone to cracking which can cause leaks.

• Crimp Points: The tubing underneath the stainless steel can be damaged due to bending the supply line or corrosion around the crimp collar.

How To Address Supply Line Damage

If you notice your supply line is leaking or it has already burst, immediately call a water damage specialist. If you know how, shut off the water supply immediately. If not, the specialist can turn it off for you when they arrive or direct you to do so over the phone. While waiting for the specialist to arrive, attempt to quickly dry up any water that has started building up in your home. It is important to note that many companies offer lifetime warranties for their supply lines, so take advantage of that to bring down the cost.

Dealing with stainless steel braided supply line damage in your bathroom is an extremely stressful situation that can damage your home. Knowing this ahead of time can help you prepare for the worst and know what to do if a leak does occur.

Water in Light Fixtures? Safety First!

12/18/2021 (Permalink)

water coming out a light fixture When it comes to water in a light fixture, your first step is safety.

Water in Light Fixtures

Unless you live in a clam shell in Triton’s kingdom under the sea, you shouldn’t see water in your light fixtures. When your home is in Westwood Village, CA, water in such a place is a dangerous problem that needs to be addressed quickly. Here are some important things to do to resolve the problem and prevent further damage.

Stay Safe

When it comes to water in a light fixture, your first step is safety. Here are three things to do to keep everyone safe:

1. Turn off the electricity. Throw the breakers for the affected locations. If you are in doubt, turn off the power to the whole house before proceeding.

2. Cordon off unsafe areas. You may have some ceiling damage, so look for sagging ceilings or stains to indicate its location and take caution until you find the source of the leak. Prevent children and other family members from being under or above the damaged area.

3. Stop the leak. Finding the leak may be a challenge, but once you have the electricity off, you can proceed without the risk of electrocution. Turn off the water supply to prevent further damage until you can repair the source of the leak.

Prevent Secondary Damage

A sneaky ceiling leak causes a lot of damage. You may need a professional for help with structural and electrical repairs, and prevention of subsequent damage is key. Water-damaged household materials are a prime breeding ground for mold. This is a key point of recovery when a professional flood remediator can save you time and money by working quickly to either remove materials or dry those that can be salvaged.

Act Fast

Keep in mind that mold starts to develop fast, in as few as 48 hours. Prompt and thorough action is key to minimizing damage. Remember that safety is the first step whenever you have water in a light fixture or flood damage in a ceiling.

How To Deal With Kitchen Leaks

11/28/2021 (Permalink)

Closure of a man's hand holding the blue napkin under a leaky pipe. Keep an eye out for leaks in your home that can lead to flooding.

Two Common Kitchen Leaks

Water is used every day in your Westwood, CA, home, but it can be nerve-wracking when the water leaks. Any unwanted flooding may lead to ruined appliances, water damage, and mold. To prevent this from happening, learn about two common kitchen leaks and what you can do to fix them.

1. The Kitchen Sink

Plumbing fixtures don’t last forever. Sometimes the pipes get old or they malfunction. If you detect a puddle of water underneath the sink, act quickly. Remove all the items in the exposed cabinet and wipe up the water with a towel. Don’t forget to dry the underside of the sink.

Once you have soaked up all the water, leave the cabinet doors open to dry. Leave a towel and test for an actual leak by turning on the faucet and running the garbage disposal. If the sink continues to leak, call a professional.

2. The Dishwasher

Dishwashers can leak and lead to serious flooding. This is a problem most people want to avoid, especially because the water can seep into the floor and cause water damage problems below. To prevent any dishwasher mishaps, keep the kitchen sink unclogged. If kitchen repair is needed, it’s best to dry out the area and call a professional.

The Solution

There are a few common ways to discover water problems in the home. If you are concerned about kitchen leaks or water damage in your home, look out for the following signs:

  • Dripping water
  • Stained ceilings or floors
  • Swollen or wet walls
  • Mold

If you discover any of these, contact a professional for help. Water damage should be taken care of quickly to avoid further problems.

Keep an eye out for leaks and potential issues that can lead to flooding. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements are often the most vulnerable to leaks. By being aware and acting quickly, you can prevent unwanted water in home appliances and surrounding areas.

The Risks of Commercial Polybutylene Piping

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

Pipe bursting. If you cannot replace the pipes in the near future, you should plan for potential damage.

If you have an older commercial property, it may have polybutylene pipes. As a staple of late-twentieth-century construction, it was widely implemented as a cheaper alternative to traditional piping. This material was later found to have problems with longevity. Your Beverly Hills, CA, business could be at risk because of this pipe type, and here is what to look for and consider.

Identifying the Pipes

The most widely implemented use for this material was to feed water from a water line into a commercial building. The polymer typically comes in a few colors: white, gray, and blue. These pipes are typically located in or around a number of locations:

• Basements
• Utilities
• Water meters
• Shutoff valves
• Water heaters

If you are unsure of what material your business utilizes, an inspector or plumber may be able to give you a definitive answer. The tubing types often look similar and can easily be misidentified by untrained individuals.

Considering Reasons to Replace

A class-action lawsuit in 1995, Cox v. Shell Oil, won in favor of consumers with the conclusion that polybutylene pipes were damaged too easily and were not a proper installation. It phased out of the market in the United States following that.

Typical chemicals in the water supply, such as chlorine, deteriorate the interior of the pipe until it breaks. This risks a pipe break leading to costly water damage. Local building codes may even explicitly forbid the polymer piping from being used due to these risks.

Replacing the Pipes

With the knowledge of why the pipes are dangerous, you are likely wondering how to remedy it. You can work out what’s salvageable from your old system with the assistance of a plumber. Most likely, you will be advised to install new plumbing.

Treating a Broken Pipe

If you cannot replace the pipes in the near future, you should plan for potential damage. An expert water damage treatment crew can remove water from the affected areas of your property. Alternatively, updated plumbing and proper maintenance of the system can help prevent repair costs related to any problematic polybutylene.

Smart Steps for Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

Drywall removal, drywall removed and mold growth found in it due to water leak. Water can find its way into your home.

Finding water in your home where it shouldn’t be isn’t fun and can be expensive to resolve. Fortunately, with simple preventative steps, you may be able to quickly repair a water leak before it becomes a pricey problem.

Where To Look for Water Leaks

The key to preventing water damage is to find and stop leaks as soon as possible. This means monitoring everything in your home that contains and carries water. You should look in and around the following appliances and systems:

  • Pipes
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Tubs and showers
  • Washers
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • HVAC units

Things You Can Do To Spot and Stop Water Leaks

Whenever you notice water in your home that doesn’t belong, don’t just write it off – look into it to confirm you don’t have a leak. When water is present, thoroughly dry the area with a fan or dehumidifier, and call a water damage restoration company.

You also should periodically inspect each appliance and system to spot leaks or anything that would indicate a leak, such as a musty smell or rusty water. Review your water bill; a higher one could indicate a problem.

Make sure you know how to shut off your water main. In the event of a major leak, turning off the water is the first step to stopping it. Turn off your water when you'll be away from home for a significant amount of time to reduce the risk of undetected leaks.

When To Call in the Professionals

Regular inspections and maintenance of your plumbing, appliances, and HVAC system are crucial for preventing water in your home. You can talk to a contractor in Century City, CA, to get a recommended maintenance schedule for each system.

In addition to spotting potential or emerging issues, a contractor also can perform needed maintenance or repairs. This can include replacing tubes and coils, performing pipe cleanup to prevent blockage and overflow, and fixing a broken pipe.

Professional contractors can also help you install a water detection system either for individual appliances or for the whole home. These detectors will spot what you can’t and give you an advanced warning of a developing leak.

Water damage is one of the most expensive things for homeowners to fix. By getting in the habit of looking for issues, such as a broken pipe, and regularly scheduling professional maintenance, you can avoid any unexpected problems.

What To Do When Your Water Heater Leaks

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

Closeup of a rusty and leaking water heater Keep a leaking water heater from causing immense harm to your home.

What To Do When You Discover A Water Heater

If you have a leaking water heater, it can lead to much larger issues within your home. Even a small amount of water can harm your floor or surrounding walls. If you have a large leak, you may see quite extensive damage to your home. Here is what you need to do when you discover a failed water heater with a puddle surrounding it.

Examine the Unit
Puddles in the basement of your Century City, CA, home can form for a variety of reasons so be sure to take a close look at your unit to be sure that a leaking water heater is the source of the problem. Be sure to check:

  • Pipes above and around the puddle
  • Nearby floor drains
  • Cracks in walls or floors

Disconnect Power
With a leaking or broken water heater, you need to get the power source turned off. An electric water heater can be turned off easily by flipping its designated circuit breaker switch to the off position. A gas version will have an on/off switch on its exterior.

Turn Off the Water Source
If you have a significant amount of water leaking, it is important to get the water supply turned off as quickly as possible. Most water heaters will have a valve located above them. Be careful not to come into contact with the water as you turn it off. If you cannot access the valve safely, you may need to turn off your home's main water supply instead.

Clean Up
Any water leak in your home must be properly cleaned up in order to avoid substantial damage, mold and mildew. Clean up water as soon as you can with towels, especially if it is in contact with drywall, carpet or flooring. For a large leak or a long-term leak that has just been discovered, be sure to contact specialists trained in water damage repair to ensure a thorough cleanup.
Proper care needs to be taken when any water incident happens within your home. Keep a leaking water heater from causing immense harm to your home by following these tips.

4 Stages of Creating a Business Continuity Plan

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

Business impact analysis (BIA) on an office desk. Business impact analysis.

4 Stages of Creating a Business Continuity Plan

If you own a business in Beverly Hills, CA, you want to make sure all your employees know what to do during an emergency. For this reason, business owners should take steps to ensure their company has an emergency response plan in place. Also known as a business continuity plan, this is a prepared set of processes and procedures to follow that aims to keep operations running in case any sort of disaster strikes. One way to think of it is like an instruction manual. These four FEMA-approved stages of the drafting process can help guide you on what to include in yours.

1. Business Impact Analysis
In the first stage of creating a business continuity plan, you will want to gather information about the impact of what will happen if various functions experience disruptions. You can validate the information with management via workshops and interviews.

2. Recovery Strategies
The next stage of drafting involves the identification of operation recovery strategies. If the emergency is a natural disaster, for example, how can you ensure your production line is up and running as soon as possible? Some verbiage in the plan might cover the procedures for hiring commercial damage restoration professionals for cleanup or using backup lighting sources until you can repair regular electricity.

3. Plan Development
After working through potential impacts and recovery options, you can begin developing a plan framework. Organize recovery teams, outline temporary relocation protocols and write out procedures.

4. Testing and Exercises
In the final stage, you will need to test your plans out. Validate test results with others in the company, and gain management approval. Conduct training and orientation exercises to help ensure everyone in your organization is on the same page.
In the event of an emergency, having a business continuity plan for your commercial property can be the difference between staying in operation and needing to close. To ensure you cover everything in your plan, you can use guidelines like the ones here to assist you.

6 Steps for Handling a Leak in Your Kitchen

12/29/2020 (Permalink)

Drainage system under sink leaking A leak under the kitchen sink is often the culprit of home flooding

A leak under the kitchen sink is often the culprit of home flooding. If you discover a leak in your kitchen, it is important to know what to do to minimize water damage in Beverly Hills, CA. Taking immediate action is the best way to prevent the situation from getting worse and keep repairs to a minimum.

Here Are Six Essential Steps To Take If You Find A Leak Under Your Sink

1. Stop the Water
Before you do anything else, find the main water valve and shut it off. This will stop additional water from leaking into your home.

2. Protect Your Belongings
Remove any valuable objects, such as artwork and furniture, and place them in a dry, safe place. Move as many items as possible off the floor to prevent additional damage.

3. Keep Electronic Devices Turned Off
Do not turn on the television or other electronic devices. If necessary, move any appliances from the room that are at risk of coming into contact with the flooding water.

4. Remove Excess Water
Use towels or a mop to blot and soak up any excess water in your home. Dry the area thoroughly by opening windows and using fans.

5. Call Your Insurance
Notify your home insurance provider to let them know about the flood. They will clarify what your policy will cover before you begin your kitchen repair and restoration process.

6. Call for Help
Enlist the help of a professional water damage and restoration service. They will have the necessary equipment to ensure that your kitchen is properly dried, disinfected, and restored to its pre-flood condition.

Flooding waters in your home can cause a tremendous amount of damage in addition to costly repairs. If you find a leak in your kitchen, the best thing to do is act quickly. Take care of the problem as soon as possible to mitigate the damage and costs.

5 Things You Need to Know About Water Damage

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

Air movers on carpet Water damage in a Beverly Hills, CA home

Residential Water Damage

As a homeowner, you need to make sure that you're prepared to protect your Beverly Hills, CA, home from peril. Water damage can manifest itself in all sorts of ways, whether it's from excessive rainfall, a pipe burst or toilet overflow. Arm yourself with knowledge and study the following tips regarding residential water damage.

1. Call Your Insurance Company Immediately.
If you discover flooding or another type of water damage, you need to contact your insurance company immediately. Your insurance agent can file a claim much more quickly, as well as walk you through the initial damage remediation steps.

2. There's No Time to Waste.
Remediating water damage is all about efficiency. Once the initial accident occurs, it's a race against the clock to see how quickly you can resolve the situation. Secondary damage, such as mold growth, only requires 24 hours to set in.

3. Flood Water Comes in 3 Different Categories.
Flood water is categorized based upon the types of contaminants present. Category 3, also known as black water, poses a significant health hazard and must be handled much more carefully than Category 1, which originates from your water line. Black water floods are also capable of inflicting significantly more damage.

4. Flood Damage and Water Damage Are Not the Same.
Your insurance company treats each disaster differently, depending on the source of the damage. Damage caused by a pipe burst, or other internal accident, is considered water damage. Damage that resulted from a nearby body of water that overflowed onto your property is considered flood damage.

5. Flood Damage is Not Covered by Homeowner's Insurance.
If you live in an area that is more susceptible to flooding, then it's a good idea to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. You also should sit down with your insurance agent to discuss exactly which scenarios your current homeowner's insurance policy actually does cover.
There are steps you can take to help deter water damage, but there's no way to guarantee absolute immunity. If your property has recently suffered a pipe burst, severe flood or other type of water damage, make sure to contact storm remediation experts as soon as possible.

Your Home's Supply Lines Are Critical to Your Plumbing System

10/6/2020 (Permalink)

Water piping tube installed externally along the bathroom wall to supply water for a heater. Supply line damage in your home will get your attention real fast

Your Home's Supply Lines Are Critical to Your Plumbing System

Most people do not spend too much time thinking about the plumbing system in a home until things go wrong. Supply line damage in your home will get your attention real fast. As one of the larger lines in a residential property, a supply line carries fresh water from the home's main line to the different faucets and appliances. A supply line leak could release significant quantities of water into the home. This could result in the following types of damage:

  • Structural damage to walls and floors
  • Harm to carpeting, furniture and clothing
  • Corrosion of soft metals
  • Damage to electrical systems and devices

Moisture into your home in Beverly Hills, CA, can also enable mold growth. Therefore a professional water remediation team is often needed to treat any residential water problems.

More Information on Supply Lines
Your home's supply lines might be in need of attention. It is always better to replace the lines before a large leak develops due to supply line damage. Supply lines are usually made of plastic pipes or braided steel pipes. Steel construction is likely to last much longer and often comes with a lifetime warranty for materials. Plastic pipes might only have a warranty that lasts between five to eight years. Knowing the type of pipes you have gives you a good idea if maintenance us due.

More Information on Water Cleanup
A certified water mitigation team in your area will be experienced in cleaning up after supply line damage. Trained technicians will be able to handle everything from a simple bathroom leak to a major sewage backup. They will come to your home within 24 hours of a call and begin an inspection and assessment of the water damage. The next step will be to remove the water as quickly as possible from the home. They will restore any damage to the home "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water - 3 Signs of Irrigation System Problems

9/5/2020 (Permalink)

watering lawn with sprinklers An irrigation system can do wonders for a property

Three Signs You May Have Water Trouble Your Way

Curb appeal isn’t just for homes. Ensuring your Beverly Hills, CA, property is appealing and welcoming makes a big impression on customers and employees. To ensure a luscious green lawn and decorative plants looking their best, and irrigation system is a great solution. Most systems are easy to use and reliable, but not properly maintaining them or ignoring issues can lead to flooding that makes its way into the property, potentially creating the need for a water damage and restoration professional to clean up the mess. Below are three signs that there may be water trouble headed your way.

Malfunctioning Sprinkler Head
At some point, an irrigation system will have a sprinkler head that gets damaged. This can happen from mowing, vehicles or improper pressure settings. Signs of a broken one include:

  • Plastic casing is damaged
  • Unit doesn’t come up
  • Sprinkler head is missing
  • Sprinklers with heads that are completely broken off

Low Water Pressure
A sure sign of irrigation problems is low water pressure. If the head isn’t popping up but not damaged or a minimal amount of water is coming out, there is an underlying issue. Potential culprits could be a misfiring backflow device or a leak. If there is a soggy area, it may mean the latter. If there is no obvious leak, compressed soil or tree roots could be causing the problem.

Inactive Zone
If one zone is not working, blocked electrical signals are often the cause. There could be insufficient voltage, which requires a new controller, or there could be damaged wires. The valve’s solenoid may also need to be replaced. If multiple zones aren’t working, it could again be related to power properly getting to the controller, which may mean replacing the transformer.
While an irrigation system can do wonders for a property, being diligent regarding maintenance and regularly checking this it is working properly are necessary to avoid added water issues.

3 Alternative Ways to Block Flooding

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

sand bags during flood Nothing is more synonymous with flooding than a sand bag wall.

Nothing is more synonymous with flooding than a sand bag wall. It might even be the only solution that comes to mind. Before you start gathering volunteers and truckloads of bags to fortify your property in Beverly Hills, CA, consider these three alternatives to prevent flood damage.

1. Temporary walls. Made out of steel, aluminum or PVC, temporary walls can be thrown up into a doorway to block unwanted water. On a larger scale, they can be erected quickly by a team of 8-12 people to protect whole buildings. They are as easy to take down as they are to put up. No mess to clean or water to drain. Just pull them down, store them and use them again when needed.

2. Inflatable dams. Why not use water against itself? These vinyl tubes are placed anywhere they are needed and then filled with water. You can buy them big enough to protect from massive flooding or smaller to guard against minor damage. On a smaller scale, they can be filled with a water hose in about 2 to 3 minutes and are easy to drain once floodwater has receded. They make for a quick cleanup, are reusable, and they are ecofriendly.

3. Absorbent Barriers. Light and easy to place, these sand bag alternatives roll out flat and can be positioned anywhere you want them. There is no other set up required. They are water activated. Once the rain starts, they absorb floodwater and grow to roughly 3.5 inches high in about 10 minutes. They come in various lengths and can be stacked to block higher volumes of water away from important areas.

While the sand bag has been a tried and true contender in flood damage prevention, decide if that is what will work for you best in Beverly Hills, CA. These other flood dams can be just as effective, a quick clean-up and less time-consuming.

Don't Wait To Call Our Experts After A Water Damage Disaster In Your Beverly Hills Home

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

Interior of a house flooded with water. 3d illustration In case of a water spill in your home, call SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood. You can reach us at (310) 390-7540 any time.

How To Get Fast Results When Restoring Water Damage In Beverly Hills

Incidents of water damage are common considering how often water is used in day-to-day activities. Even though you might panic in the aftermath of such an incident, there is a need to act quickly. Most of the severe damages associated with water take time to develop so taking quick remedial action limits the impact. We offer professional restoration services in Beverly Hills that help save items and restore the property to its preloss state.
Most cases of water damage in Beverly Hills involve copious amounts of water spilled when plumbing systems leak or burst. Rainwater from a leaking roof can also cause problems. Removing the water as fast as it spills is the best water to mitigate damage. Our SERVPRO technicians use high-speed pumps or truck-mounted water extractors, which can remove thousands of gallons within a short while.
When water spills, it migrates to different areas of the property as porous materials absorb it. Carpets, drywall and wooden materials in floors and other sections of the property easily absorb the water. Checking the level of migration helps ensure the right removal procedures can be utilized. Our SERVPRO technicians use many moisture detection tools to check levels of moisture migration. We use FLIR thermal cameras to detect wet areas, especially in concealed areas. We also have moisture sensors that we use to probe materials to check the level of moisture they hold and thermo-hygrometers, which help us, gauge the relative humidity in different sections of the property.
Drying the moisture from the affected property is perhaps the most daunting process because it involved evaporating which is a slow process. Various actions can help improve the evaporation rate including increasing the rate of airflow over the affected areas and content. Higher temperature also helps because it increases the amount of moisture air can hold. Our SERVPRO technicians use fast air movers and dehumidifiers for fast drying.
In case of a water spill in your home, call SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood. You can reach us at (310) 390-7540 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Protecting Your Water Damage Claim

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

Standing water in a room. Water damage in Westwood, CA

3 Things To Do To Protect Your Water Damage Claim

Bursting pipes, sewage backups, or overflowing toilets, there are so many catastrophes in residential properties, which is the primary reason to pay for insurance coverage. However, as most water mitigation companies in Westwood, CA, will tell you, insurance is only part of the battle. It is tricky enough to get full water coverage, but if you do, you need to protect any claim to ensure you receive payment. There are at least three things you need to do to protect your claim.

  1. Mitigate further loss
  2. Call your insurer
  3. Document everything

Mitigate Further Loss
When dealing with water damage, first mitigate further loss. An insurer wants to know you did everything possible to minimize the extent of the damage. For example, if you are dealing with bursting pipes, did you turn off the water supply? Or, if you have a hole in your roof, did you cover it with a tarp to prevent rain from entering the property? If you fail to implement mitigation steps, an adjuster may decline your claim.

Call Your Insurer
Call your insurer immediately after the damage occurs. Most insurance companies expect clients to call to report damage within the first 24 hours. If you wait any longer than a day, you risk the acceptance of your claim. Also, the faster you call the insurer, the sooner an adjuster is sent to your home.

Document Everything
While you may need to wait for a claims approval before you fix a broken pipe, there are likely other repairs you can make. However, document everything and keep receipts. Take pictures of the original damage to show the adjuster. If repairs cannot wait, Gather bids to prove you researched the companies before hiring.
Any home can have water disasters, like bursting pipes, but the approach to filing an insurance claim may differ from insurer to insurer. Make sure you contact your insurance company and know your responsibilities, so you avoid risking your coverage.

How To Stop Large-Scale Flooding

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

neighborhood flood A flood in a Beverly Hills, CA neighborhood.

Chances are good that you'll never have to worry about major flooding. Of course, your chances increase if you live in an area in Beverly Hills, CA, where there is high water or other flood risks. The smartest thing to do is be prepared and have measures in place to protect your building and materials. There are effective ways to do this, which you should implement right away.

Common Ways Major Flooding Occurs

You may be worried that plumbing issues in your building could cause a flood. However, severe flooding can affect the entire community or city in which you live and work. Here are typical ways this happens:

  • Torrential rains that raise the levels of rivers and canals, causing high water
  • Earthquakes breaking levees or dams
  • The breaking of multiple main water lines in a city

Sand Bags

This is perhaps the fastest and most cost-effective way to stop flooding. City and business leaders can organize groups to fill these bags and place them along the banks of waterways, roadways and in doorways and windowsills.

Storm Surge Barriers

Some cities have moveable barriers to hold back overflowing water. This flood prevention measure detects when water is rising. It then closes the walls, fills tanks with water, pushes the walls down and keeps the water from flowing onward.

Water Gates

Some communities, especially ones on islands, use flood gates to hold back the water. The gates sit in waterways and permit small amounts of water through. As water pressure increases on the gates, they open and close as appropriate. These are similar to moveable dams which can allow certain amounts of water though, depending on how high the storm surge may be.

High water can be a big problem if you live near bodies of water or where large storms are common. Before you rely on a professional flood cleanup company to intervene, cities turn to these protective barriers.

Your Rental Properties May Have a Ticking Time Bomb in Polybutylene Plumbing

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

The plumber connects parts of the plastic water pipe using fittings, hands close-up. Polybutylene pipes

Residential rental properties can be an excellent investment in Westwood Village, CA. Purchasing distressed housing and then renting the units is a time-tested way to quickly pay off the mortgage and start earning real income. However, purchasing older homes always comes with risk; older units are not only more prone to problems, but they also require more maintenance, and insurance premiums tend to be higher.
One component to look at carefully is the plumbing. Older PEX systems are prone to failure, but the biggest culprit is polybutylene (PB) piping. If you buy a property with either, you need to have it replaced before the problems begin.

The Key to Inexpensive and Long-Lasting Plumbing Wasn’t Polybutylene

PB seemed like a marvel when it first started to be used in 1978. The benefits were immediately evident:

  • Substantially cheaper than PVC or copper
  • Very flexible for tight areas and simple corners
  • Promised to last much longer than PVC

Soon, around one in four homes in Westwood Village, CA, was probably using PB – at least until 1995. By then, the miracle plumbing was turning into more of a curse. Leaving the pipes sitting in the sun for a couple of days could erode the structural strength of polybutylene – something the manufacturer never told builders.
But the real problem was chlorine. Almost all municipal water systems use chlorine for purification, but it’s a very powerful oxidizer, which turned out to be terrible for PB pipes. They started to be eaten away from the inside out, and devastating water leaks started showing up. In some cases, the water damage would go unknown for a long time, drawing termites to the wood rot and leaving massive restoration bills.
PB plumbing is usually grey or blue with metal rings at the ends. The material should be labeled on the outside, but if you have any doubts, you should call an expert. They can advise about what pipes are in your rentals as well as repair any water damage already caused. Even if the PB hasn’t failed yet, it’s very strongly recommended by all the experts to have it replaced as soon as practical.

We Can Save Your Damaged Items From Water Damage In Your Beverly Hills Home

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A small kitchen mishap can cause so many issues. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Get Quick Water Damage Restoration for your Beverly Hills Home

The water system of your Beverly Hills home is one of the things you should regularly check for damage. Pipe bursts and leaks can result in high water bills and water damage to your property. Changes in water chemistry can corrode the insides of pipes, leading to the development of pinhole leaks. Such leaks can waste water and create damp surfaces in walls, ceilings, and floors among other areas of your house.

The procedure of restoring your Beverly Hills home after water damage can be rather complicated and lengthy. It is therefore vital to let trained water damage restoration specialists from SERVPRO to bring your home back to its original condition. Using our restoration services can allow you to get back to your regular schedule within no time.

Excess moisture can not only ruin your home but also create the ideal environment for mold to develop. To protect your property from a mold infestation, we can use pups to extract the water and then dry, ventilate and disinfect it as quickly as possible. We can respond promptly to your call, assess your situation, and take the appropriate steps to return your property to its preloss condition.

After a water intrusion incident, structural items such as subfloors, carpeting, and walls may require cleaning. Our SERVPRO technicians use the appropriate cleaning method and professional products to clean the structural items. Our goal is to ensure that your home looks as good, if not better than it looked before the incident. If water pooled on your carpet, our technicians can clean and deodorize it. We choose a carpet cleaning method that is appropriate for the soiling level. If the loss involved gray water and you want to save the carpet, we can use one of the more aggressive carpet cleaning methods. For deep, heavy soiling, we can use:

  •         Rotary jet extraction

  •         Showcase

  •         Deluxe preconditioner and rinse

For moderate soiling, our CCT, Carpet Cleaning Technician can use hot water extraction, deluxe preconditioner, and rise, shampoo, or hot water extraction. For light soiling, we can use bonnet, shampoo if you have a low pile carpet and hot water extraction.

Some results of water damage may not be apparent at first glance, but you may have to deal with them, eventually. For instance, water influx can cause humidity to increase within the enclosed confines of a home. Water vapor can migrate invisibly into areas of your home that the water did not touch. Extreme humidity can ruin absorbent building materials and valuable possessions like books, sensitive electronics, and photographs. Our technicians use moisture meters and moisture sensors to check for hidden sources of moisture. We then dry out the affected areas using air moving and dehumidification equipment.

SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood cares about handling your water damage restoration job in Westwood, Century City or Westwood Village with distinction and perfection. Contact us today at (310) 390-7540 for prompt restoration services. We can make the damage seem “Like it never even happened.”

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No More Mistakes About Water Damage Remediation in Beverly Hills

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Water damage can be costly when it invades your entire home. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO today.

SERVPRO - Quick And Professional Water Removal For Beverly Hills Homes

Beverly Hills is not a regular recipient of the flooding that follows a massive storm or another extreme weather event. Common water intrusions here are the results of a broken inlet pipe, failed dishwasher, or another faulty, plumbing issue. If not handled quickly, though, a bad water heater can cause as much damage as severe rain. 

Water removal from a Beverly Hills home needs to be accomplished quickly to reduce the effects of water in the home and to prevent further damage. SERVPRO response team technicians train on a variety of equipment to remove amounts from knee-deep to just barely covering the kitchen floor. 

Team members start with submersible, commercial-grade water pumps. These devices can empty a single room of visible water in a few hours and even a mini-mansion in a day or two, depending on many are needed for the task. 

Once the pumps complete their work, technicians then switch to water extractors. They can adjust the vacuum speed and heat of these devices to carefully draw water off every type of surface from wood floors to deep pile carpeting without splintering floorboards, or separating the carpet layers. 

For concrete and linoleum floors, SERVPRO response teams can use long-handled squeegees to push water off the surface and out the nearest exit, or toward another technician with an extractor to draw it out of the home. 

After contacting us, it is best to stay out of the home. Floors and carpets underwater are more dangerous to walk across and to attempt to move property, especially large furniture can lead to accidents that cause more damage to your home and property. It is far safer to wait for us to remove water and then relocate all property from the affected parts of the home. 

Our task at SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood is to return every home to a dry, safe condition as quickly as possible, and use every tool available to reduce or eliminate the effects of any water intrusion. If you need our assistance, call our office today at (can draw 310) 390-7540. 

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We Have The Equipment And Expertise To Restore Your Beverly Hills Home After A Water Damage Disaster

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Water damage occurred in this home when a bathtub over flowed on the second floor. We restored the home with our specialized equipment right away.

Water Damage in Your Beverly Hills Home Calls for Specialist Drying Services

Water loss is one of the potentially destructive problems you may face as a homeowner. Whether it is caused by burst pipes, leaking faucets or malfunctioning appliances, excess water in your home can lead to costly damage to your home’s structure, furnishings, and promote electrical hazards and mold infestation. 

When there’s water damage in your Beverly Hills home, you can count on SERVPRO franchise professionals to provide expert guidance on how to fix the problem. We can get to your home within an hour of receiving your call and assess the damage. Our mitigation processes and methods meet the industry standards that the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has set. We provide comprehensive water mitigation services and can work with your insurance firm to get your claims processed promptly.

Following a water loss incident, our priority is to return the home to its pre-incident condition as fast as possible and with minimum disruption to the homeowner. We can deal with the damage properly even if your home requires specialty drying because of destruction done to materials like hardwood, and drywall.

Our SERVPRO team uses advanced equipment to ensure the best results for a water-damaged property. This includes wet/dry vacuum cleaners that extract water from flooring, carpeting, and pad. We can use moisture meters to determine how much water has penetrated carpets, walls, ceilings, and floors. If moisture is present, we can set up air moving and dehumidification equipment in the affected areas to eliminate it.

The air in water-damaged rooms is usually humid and damp, and this slows evaporation. Air movers speed up the drying process by blowing out the damp air and bringing in warm, dry air. Our IICRC certified technicians change the location of air movers during the drying process to ensure effective and even drying. Once the home and its contents are dry, we perform restoration tasks like completing repairs to the structure and contents, final cleaning, final inspection, removing equipment from the job site and putting back the customer’s contents to their rightful position.

If you have a water loss incident in your home and need urgent cleanup and drying services, contact SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood at (310) 390-7540. We use industry-approved methods for restoring a property to its preloss condition.

If you would like to join a team of skilled and dedicated employees in Beverly Hillis, click here for more information.

Is a Broken Pipe Causing Water Damage in Beverly Hills?

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This looks like a project for SERVPRO.

A Roadmap to Water Removal Services for Your Home in Beverly Hills

Life in Beverly Hills can seem straight out of a movie. It is vibrant, diverse and always in action. However, even in the best of places, homeowners can find themselves in need of water removal services. A faulty appliance or a broken pipe can leave your home flooded with water, soaking your belongings and saturating flooring and furniture alike. You may also find unexplained discoloration on your walls, or a wet spot to indicate the presence of leaks. Whether your home has already flooded, or you want to be proactive in preventing more damage, reaching out to a professional team can help you avoid further complications.

At SERVPRO we are set up so your call is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We recognize the emergency status of water removal services for your home in Beverly Hills and are ready to act upon receiving your call. Our expert team of technicians boasts the tools and experience to tackle problems of any size and repair the damage caused by water. Time is of the essence, and we encourage you to reach out as soon as you detect the leak.  

Our infrared equipment helps us identify the source of the water leak if it is not evident. It also helps us pinpoint any problem areas not visible to the naked eye. By monitoring humidity levels, we can ascertain when an area is being affected even if you have not noticed yet. Knowing the source of the issue allows us to work effectively to shut it down and commence the drying process. As our well-trained SERVPRO team moves air handlers, dehumidifiers and other drying equipment, we also take steps to protect your home from further damage and the proliferation of mold and bacteria.  

Upon meeting our team, you discover a great group of supporters. We document each step of the remediation process and coordinate with the homeowner for further repairs. Our expertise also helps us determine which of your contents need removing and which can be salvaged. The quicker we get to your property, the more we can save.  

Do not be discouraged by water leaking into your home, and do not let it linger. Make a call to SERVPRO of Beverly Hills/Westwood at (310) 390-7540 and put yourselves in the hands of our expert team. We work with you and leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

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How SERVPRO Keeps the Water Leak in Your Beverly Hills Home From Creating Secondary Damage

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A small crack in a pipe releases a lot of water. Inspect your pipes often for signs of leaks.

How Water Extraction Professionals Help Protect Beverly Hills Properties from Secondary Damages

After a Beverly Hills residence takes on water from a water leak, restoring a dry interior becomes essential to protecting the home's structure and contents from additional harm. Because water quickly evaporates and turns to water vapor, and then, soon after, condense on other surfaces, it is almost impossible to contain lost water.  

If your property is holding water where it should be dry, SERVPRO's water extraction team in Beverly Hills can get things dry, check for current damaged areas, and carry out preventative measures that enhance the work we do. Different materials absorb and retain water, as well as exhibit different ways in which exposure to water affects them. The drying rates also differ between various elements. Knowledge of this information helps us determine the best methods to use while working on your home.  

Water extraction begins with an assessment of the area which provides us with valuable information about the materials involved and the amount of water we need to remove. Part of our water extraction work includes removing waterlogged sections of carpet and drywall. Sometimes we can restore carpeting, but this depends on several factors.  

Removing the moisture that microbes need to grow and destroy materials inside your dwelling, as well as stain clothing and other personal belongings, happens when we remove the water vapor these microorganisms require. Without this extra source of moisture, your home's interior structures and contents remain safe from the effects of microorganisms.  

Mold damage is not the only type of secondary water damage that homes face when water exists in living areas. Stained sections of ceilings in levels below where the accident took place can appear later. The stains are not because of mold, but the discoloration happens when minute particles leach through the drywall and paint. Other problems that can affect a ceiling include warping. Warped ceilings can become highly risky, as they can collapse from the weight of any trapped water. SERVPRO knows how to rectify both situations and make your home “Like it never even happened.”  

Wooden floors and edging that gets wet can become permanently damaged. SERVPRO knows how to dry such aspects of your home, so existing damage decreases in scope. We use industry-accepted procedures, helping these natural components of your home regain their original look as much as possible.  

SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood can help you get your home restored after a disaster involving water with our water extraction experts. Holding IICRC certificates in several different areas, we are prepared to take care of every aspect of your home saturated by the water. Contact us by calling our 24-hour service line number, (310) 390-7540, 365 days a year.

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How SERVPRO Determines the Water Cleanup Processes for Your Century City Home

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Various methods are used to clean up water damage in your home. Sub-floors, dry-walls, and carpet all have different cleaning processes.

Determining the Water Cleanup Needs of Different Items in Your Century City Home

Water cleanup is a necessary process when we are restoring your property after the unfortunate water event. Usually, there are different types of items in a building, and we have to select a cleaning method which does the work efficiently. For instance, the method we use to clean a carpet may be different from the one that we use when cleaning items such as subfloors and walls. We aim to return your Century City property to its former condition, if not better.  

Let us start by looking at the cleanup techniques we use when cleaning carpets in your Century City water damaged property. To choose an appropriate cleaning method, we have to begin by checking on the soiling level. In some instances, the dirt may be resting on the fiber tips, and in some situations, it might penetrate deep into the fibers. We also have to check whether the fibers are stiff, sticky, or matted. Remember, we have to clean the entire room, even if it is a small section of the carpet that is affected.  

The carpet's soiling level can be heavy, moderate, or light. When our SERVPRO technicians are dealing with deep or heavy soiling levels, we may use rotary jet extraction and a deluxe pre-conditioner to rinse the area. We may use hot water extraction when cleaning moderate soiling levels and shampoo when we are attending to low pile carpets. For light soiling levels, we may use hot water extraction, bonnet and shampoo to clean.  

While at the site, our SERVPRO technicians make a list of materials to clean. The degree of exposure to water and humidity determines the cleaning needs of a material. Once we clean the closets, we may come across clothing and other contents that require deodorizing and cleaning.  

SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood offers a stress-free cleaning and restoration process to residential and commercial property owners. Have a chance of working with our highly experienced technicians at any time of the day by calling (310) 390-7540.

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What You Can Do When Your Child Floods Your Century City Bathroom And Hallway

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In order to prevent further damages, such as microbial growth, it is wise to call a professional restoration company.

Flooding In Your Bathroom And Hallway

Children are known to be curious, but sometimes that curiosity can leave you needing professional water cleanup services inside your home. When your child allows your bathroom tub to flood the floor of your bathroom, as well as the hallway, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the mess. However, it is essential for you to call for professional help.

It may be unwise to try and handle the water cleanup inside of your Century City home by yourself, though it may seem tempting. While it is not always the case that you cannot clean up the mess yourself, it is wise to call for professional services when it comes to your carpeted hallway. It may even feel almost impossible to dry out your hallways by yourself because carpets can absorb so much water. In order to prevent further damages, such as microbial growth, it is wise to call for professionals who can make sure the moisture levels in your home are adequate.

Upon receiving your call, SERVPRO can send a team of our technicians to your home as fast as possible. Our professionals understand how important it's to handle water spills as quickly as possible to prevent further damages. We also know that the quicker we get the job done, the sooner you can get back to your everyday life.

When SERVPRO arrives at your home, our team of IICRC-certified technicians can begin the remediation process by using advanced trade tools. To address the puddles of water left behind in your bathroom, we can use wet/dry vacuums to remove the excess. To handle your soaked carpeting in the hallway, SERVPRO can use a tool called an extractor to simultaneously remove water while also providing heat to dry the fibers.

Should the walls inside your bathroom be damp from the water, SERVPRO can use further tools such as dehumidifiers and air movers. Using the tools together allows us to create an ideal environment that fosters evaporation. Once the moisture levels in your bathroom are back to an acceptable rate, we can leave you feeling "Like it never even happened."

Should your child cause your home to need urgent water cleanup services, never wait. Dial the number (310) 390-7540 to get in touch with SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood. Day or night, we're here to help.

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What Level Of Clean Should You Expect During Water Cleanup in Century City?

8/7/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Removes Water and Freshens Up Properties in Century City

Century City Properties Benefit from SERVPRO Water Removal and Cleaning Procedures

Water cleanup services can help in achieving any of the three levels of clean: sanitary, disinfected and sterile. Environments which are entirely free from contamination are considered to be sterile. Achieving this state of clean during restoration is difficult - sterilization usually takes place in hospital operating chambers. That means we do not perform sterilization when attending to water events in Century City.

Our SERVPRO technicians perform water cleanup in Century City when sewer backups burst or in instances where blood exists. Ideally, the disinfected level of clean - remove 99% of contaminants and soils - could have been the best solution to control the viruses and bacteria which might cause health effects after exposure. Still, our routine cleaning procedures do not attain this level of clean.
Attaining the sanitary level of clean means the removal of contaminants is within the limits where protection of health is guaranteed. Though some soil contamination may still exist at the site, this state of cleanliness is acceptable. When our SERVPRO technicians are working for you, this is the minimum level of cleanliness that we always achieve. Though it sounds easy to achieve, it can be difficult without the right products and equipment.
Deodorization is one of the procedures that our SERVPRO technicians perform to address the odor problem which usually comes up after a water damage incident. The deodorization technique we choose depends typically on the situation at hand and the surface we are cleaning. For instance, we can use pump sprayers or ULV foggers to dispense deodorants when neutralizing the smell on ceilings and walls. When dealing with carpets, we use an appropriate disinfectant to treat both the floor and the two sides of the carpet. It is important to remember that before removing the odor source is always the first thing we perform before we can apply the scent neutralizing deodorants.
SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood offers 24-hour emergency services that address storm, mold, fire and water damage incidents. Call us at (310) 390-7540 for our highly experienced and trained technicians to make it “Like it never even happened.”

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We Can Restore Your Water Damaged Beverly Hills Carpet

4/30/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Rolls Out the Red Carpet When It Comes to Water Removal in Beverly Hills

Professionally Cleaned and Dried Carpets When SERVPRO Responds forWater Removal

The supply line to the downstairs toilet sprung a leak and water flowed to your Westwood home office. To minimize damage to the carpet, we suggest shutting off the valve on the commode as soon as the leak is noticed. Next, it is a good idea to move any furniture in the office such as the desk and chairs to another room, if it can be done safely, so that when the crew arrives, they can quickly start extracting the water from the carpet.

We can take on various water damage situations in your Beverly Hills home, which means you can depend on our certified SERVPRO technicians to use our top-quality extractors to clean your carpet and to remove excess water. For this job, either our truck-mounted or portable extractors are used. In addition, air moving equipment is utilized to enhance the drying process. Air movers are strategically placed to cover the entire affected area, which speeds evaporation and decreases drying time.

Our SERVPRO technicians set up a daily drying goal that is designed to fully dry your wet carpeting. Moisture meters are used to determine the amount of drying time needed to bring your carpet back to complete dryness. Unaffected dry areas in the home are compared with the affected areas so that our technicians get accurate readings to restore the carpet. We check the drying progress daily to make certain the goal is being achieved. Typically, it takes a day or two for wet carpeting to dry completely.

If needed, and it usually is, dehumidification equipment is used to lower the moisture levels in the room and to increase evaporation levels. Dehumidifiers work by pulling in moist and damp air and then in turn releasing dry and warm air. Dry air soaks in the moisture from the carpet and consequently accelerates the drying process. SERVPRO water damage repair offers fast water extraction, commercial grade air movers as well as top quality drying equipment to restore wet carpet.

When water damage occurs in your home, call SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood at (310) 390-7540. We can be contacted day or night and dispatch our expert technicians to your place of residence in a matter of hours.

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Water Damage From a Ceiling Leak in Your Century City Home

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

Water Stains on Your Century City Ceiling? Better Call SERVPRO for Drying and Restoration

Century Village Homeowners Count on SERVPRO for Water Removal, Cleanup, and Restoration

When you see the dreaded water stain on the ceiling of your home in Century City, it is not something that is welcome. It should not be too complicated to figure out the source of the water. Whatever is above the ceiling is the source of the moisture problem. When you cannot identify the possible water source above the stain, you could have a leaky pipe. It is not uncommon for water to run along piping or rafters before dripping onto your ceiling.
A leaky pipe may have been this way for a while before it is apparent to you, meaning there could be a good deal of water damage to your Century City home that you cannot see yet. It is something you want to handle right away before even more damage is done. A professional remediation company such as SERVPRO can help you get everything cleaned up. Our technicians are trained and have the right equipment for the job.
In a situation like this, we find the areas of your structure that are wet and define precisely how wet they are compared to regular moisture levels. We use various devices to help us track moisture within your home. Our goal for drying is to return materials affected to their normal moisture content levels. These tools are used to find the actual moisture content of different materials and help us figure out if your structure is dry.
SERVPRO techs also use thermo-hygrometers which measure both relative humidity and temperature. Some even do more, like measure dew point. We allow the thermos-hygrometer to adapt to air conditions in the room before we take a reading. We then use these readings in conjunction with a psychrometric calculator or chart. We do so to determine the specific humidity.
Readings for four areas are compared including the unaffected areas, the areas affected by moisture, outside the home, and the exhaust being processed through the dehumidifier into the area affected to make sure dehumidification is contributing to a drying process that is effective.
SERVPRO of Beverly Hills/Westwood has the tools to ensure that your home in Century City, Westwood Village, or Beverly Hills is dry again after a water loss. Give us a call at (310) 390-7540 as soon as you realize there is a problem.

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Professional Restoration for Any Water Damage Event in Your Beverly Hills Home

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Water Removal in Beverly Hills--Always Call SERVPRO

Water Intrusions Big and Small Lead to Damage--Call SERVPRO

When people consider professional restoration services for their homes, the things that come to mind are often catastrophic and traumatic. The truth of the matter is, there are plenty of lower scale water incidents that can require restoration but do not necessarily force you out of the house while the work gets completed. If you are dealing with any level of water incident to your Beverly Hills home, you should plan out whom you intend to call to help you set things right.
While water damage to your Beverly Hills home might not always seem like a traumatic event, it also is not something that should persist for long. Many effects could result from improperly cleaned water damages or present water that did not dry sufficiently. Calling restoration specialists not only saves you the trouble of having to deal with this issue on your own but also ensures that the job gets completed to the highest of standards.
Our SERVPRO team of restoration specialists get thoroughly trained in the latest strategies for water damage restoration and possess the skills and equipment necessary to complete the job in a timely and professional manner. From our arrival at your home, our experienced team assesses the extent of the damage throughout the affected area and begins to formulate a site-specific restoration plan to remedy the situation.
Wet vacuums get used for pulling up any pooled water on the floor, and pave the way for drying efforts to begin upon completion. The drying process typically consists of air movers strategically placed to dry the entire affected region entirely. If the water has been present for some time, dehumidification equipment also gets used to pull moisture from the air and prevent it from interacting with mold spores to cause mold damage on top of the water concerns that you have.
Emergencies do not come in a particular shape and size. If you are dealing with any level of a water emergency or struggling to combat water damage to your home, give our SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood team a call. Our experienced professionals are available 24/7 at (310) 390-7540.

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Reliable Water Damage Restoration Services for Residents of Century City

12/20/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians treat both sides of your carpets and floors to eliminate mold and mildew from growing.

SERVPRO Technicians Have Access to Professional Equipment and Training to Restore Your Home after Water Damage

As a resident of Century City, you should always be ready for water damage incidents. Any disaster requires immediate attention to lessen the losses and further damage. However, what are your options when you do not have the right tools and the necessary restoration skills?

Air movers are among the tools that our SERVPRO technicians use to address water damage disasters in Century City. When put in position, they increase the rate of evaporation and shorten the drying time since they move drier air in to replace the moist air. Where necessary, we direct the air into cavities by the use of wall cavity drying systems.

There is a chance of tripping or slipping during the restoration process and hurting yourself. We observe safety measures when working for you and have the right gear even to protect us from chemical effects of the deodorizing agents. When dealing with sagging ceilings, we make holes to reduce the imminent danger. Additionally, we will not turn on lights if we notice there is water in the light fixtures.

SERVPRO technicians use various deodorization agents when working on your property. Usually, different deodorizing agents address different sources of odor, and an appropriate one is selected. For instance, the masking agent act by covering the smells with a pleasant aroma. Disinfectants and sanitizers on the other hand work by inhibiting fungal and bacteria growth.

During the restoration process, we treat both sides of your carpet and floor with appropriate disinfectants that are approved by EPA. After cleaning and treating your upholstery for mildew, our SERVPRO technicians apply a suitable deodorizer on your furniture. For severely damaged large surface areas, our technicians use a ULV fogger to apply the deodorizer. On walls and ceilings, we use a pump sprayer or a ULV fogger to apply the deodorant.

SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood is a trusted leader in water, fire, storm and mold restoration. Call us at (310) 390-7540 to learn more about the services we offer.

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Water Removal and Drying Out Your Basement Wall in Century City

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians understand the process it takes to dry out a basement constructed of cinder blocks.

SERVPRO Technicians Have the Skills and Training to Properly Dry Out Your Flooded Basement

When you happen upon a wet basement in Century City, it can be particularly heartbreaking. So many possessions are now potentially ruined, and there could be several structural repairs as well. Drying the basement out is a big task, as it does not include just taking out the water and moisture, but also could include getting the mud out and in the end sanitizing everything, including ductwork, to avoid mold and other contaminants in your home.

For such a big task as water removal from your Century City basement, you need the professionals at SERVPRO to help you out. We have the equipment such as truck-mounted pumps, plus the training needed to understand how to do the job efficiently and thoroughly. We also realize time is a factor in a case like this since mold can start growing in just one to two days.

When your basement is constructed of cinder blocks, one of the most critical factors of drying out the block walls is the contents of the open cells. If enough time has passed for the cells to have equalized with the surrounding environment, they hold a certain amount of water or moisture. We examine the surface to figure out whether paint has been applied as well. Gloss or semi-gloss paints create a vapor barrier to limit the transfer of moisture from the inside to the outside of the wall. We may need to drill holes near the bottom of the wall in a mortar joint to let water drain from the cavity of the wall. Holes in the mortar joint are easily patched once drying is complete.

Some block walls contain insulation like vermiculite, cellulosic, fiberglass, or foam. Drying insulation in cavities of walls can be difficult since it requires large amounts of dry air and circulation which are challenging to maintain inside the block cavity.

Depending on local codes, some block construction has bond beams inside the walls. These affect airflow inside the cavity and slow down drying time considerably. SERVPRO staff can usually determine if bond beams are used in a wall by tapping on it.

We use a nonpenetrating moisture meter to figure out when drying is complete. A material is dry only when it has gone back to its natural moisture content, so we use an area which is unexposed to the water as a control for figuring out this level of moisture. We can also take readings from materials in the control area as a target reference for drying wet materials.

SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood takes care to ensure that your basement is completely dry before saying the job is complete. Residents in the areas of Westwood, Century City, or Beverly Hills with a flooded basement for any reason should reach out to us right away by dialing (310) 390-7540.

To learn more about Century City, click here.

Professional Water Removal Services Make Getting Water Out of Your Century City Home Easier

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Water damage in your home can leave you at a loss as to who to call for help. Contact SERVPRO and we'll help you with the whole process.

SERVPRO Technicians Help You Successfully Deal With Water Damage on Your Property

You might experience water problems on your Century City property from a broken appliance, damaged water heater, or plumbing issues that often lead to a flooded basement. When this happens, you need access to certified professionals that can respond to your situation quickly and begin working towards your home’s recovery immediately.

A professionally trained Century City water removal service makes your home look new again. With our 24-hour emergency response, we can help you limit your losses and prevent additional damages from forming. It only takes mold spores a short time to form on wet or damp organic materials such as carpet, wood, and drywall used to construct your home, which makes it even more important to act quickly.

SERVPRO is locally owned and operated by IICRC-industry certified technicians that perform quality water removal and other emergency services for homeowners on a daily basis. We are trained to explain services to customers in detail, keeping you informed about our progress as the process advances. We use a variety of advanced equipment and years of experience to return your property to normal after a flood.

SERVPRO technicians use water extractors, moisture detectors, and drying equipment of all shapes and sizes to assist with water extraction in your home. All of our methods and equipment are designed to produce quality results while maintaining a safe, healthy working environment. We communicate with your insurance company, providing all of the information needed to take the stress out of the process.

The training, both in-house, and formal certifications that each of SERVPRO’s technicians experiences before entering the field provides us with a unique perspective to home repair and restoration. If you are looking to gain access to experts who can help you make the most of the unfortunate situations you may face, call us.

SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood stands ready to deliver quality, expert solutions throughout Westwood as well. Our staff can handle anything you throw our way, contact our office at (310) 390-7540 to get the help you deserve, today.  

For more information regarding Century City, click here

Beverly Hills Water Damage From A Malfunctioning Washing Machine

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One of the most well-known causes of water damage in your home, washing machines can cause costly damage.

Water Damage From A Malfunctioning Washing Machine

One of the most well-known causes of water damage in your home, washing machines can cause costly damage. After the deductible is paid, the average claim nationally for water damage from washing machine malfunction is more than five thousand dollars.

Since washing machines have various ways of creating water damage to your Beverly Hills home, many homeowners do not totally understand the prevention options, risks, or cleanup options. Knowing just a bit about how your washing machine can create water damage, you can save thousands of dollars and many headaches. When your washing machine does malfunction, SERVPRO, a professional water damage restoration company, can come to your rescue to fix the problem and clean up the water and damages.

Supply Hose Leaks
Over fifty percent of claims from washing machine water damage can be traced to the failure of your supply hose. It can be caused by an aging hose, a poor connection to the wall or machine, or the hose being pinched while it is installed, causing a hairline break. Intake hoses are high-flow lines and can put out more than six hundred gallons of water in one hour. If the supply hose on your machine is over five years old or is not steel braided, get it replaced as soon as you can.

Drainage Issues And Flooding
If there is a clog in your drainage pipe, the sewer backs up, or your drain pipe is not properly lined up, the drainage system of your washing machine causes some water damage at least. Most importantly, avoid a clog in the sewer line. When this backs up, you can be faced with water damage that is filled with contaminates and poses serious risks to health. You most definitely need the help of the professionals at SERVPRO if this happens to you since they have the proper equipment and training to clean up the mess safely.

Internal Leaks
Your washing machine doesn't have to be incorrectly installed, old, or built poorly to create an internal leak. Overloading your machine on a regular basis can cause valves, gaskets, and bushings to crack or loosen. Smaller loads, even if it takes longer to do the laundry, keep your machine from shaking itself apart.

Identifying Your Leak
If you have a leak that is constant, you likely have an issue with the supply hose. It is probably an internal leak if it happens during the wash cycle but before the spin cycle. With water on the floor during the spin cycle or right after the machine turns off, you probably have a drainage issue.

SERVPRO of Beverly Hills/Westwood can handle any washing machine leak in a timely and efficient manner. You can easily reach them at (310) 390-7540, so do not hesitate to get in touch with them if your washing machine is leaking.

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Slab Leak Causes Water Damage to Flooring

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Water damaged wood flooring can be repaired by trained technicians who react quickly after damage.

SERVPRO Remediates Water Damage to Flooring From Both Above and Below the Floor Surface

Dealing with multiple plumbing leaks in a slab foundation is a daunting task. Making sure that the water damage done to expensive exotic hardwood flooring disappears requires a professional restoration team. SERVPRO proudly specializes in wood flooring restoration, protecting both your investment and decorating scheme.
The extent of water damage done to your Beverly Hills home from below the flooring can be astonishing. Even though no moisture floods over the floorboards, a significant amount of destruction occurs because of the high humidity and possible wicking of water into the subfloor and then into the actual hardwood. Our technicians train extensively to understand the harm water and water vapor do to your precious hardwood floors. After mastering the ways water damages flooring, they learn how to respond to the destruction. We emphasize restoration over tear outs and replacements, necessitating a creative and tenacious approach to these difficult problems.
The moisture from a slab leak rises into the supporting subfloor and then into the decorative finished surface supporting the contents of your home and your family’s activities. Unlike water spills or flooding from appliances or overflowing tubs and basins, this damage is stealthy and goes unnoticed, sometimes for extended periods of time. The damage done to the flooring ranges from slight warping to severe cupping, a problem that is difficult to restore. Cupping happens when the center of a plank swells, pulling the edges away and up from adjoining planks. Each length of flooring looks like a “u” if viewed in a cross section.
SERVPRO technicians always work toward restoration rather than removing and replacing expensive or unique structures or fittings. A mix of air movement, dehumidification, and heat is the most effective treatment for cupping caused by underfloor leaking. This method takes time, as does any attempt to smooth out the floor because water is difficult to move out of the pores of hard or softwood. Our staff determine a drying goal and measure moisture content frequently. Drying out a wet floor is not uncommonly a two to three-month process. The slow and steady drying needs a try first before sanding or other leveling techniques join the menu. Ultimately some areas of flooring might need replacement if the damage was severe.
The damage suffered by hardwood flooring from a slab foundation leak needs the professional touch SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood brings. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation by our flooring damage specialists by calling (310) 390-7540.

Water Damage Affecting Westwood Homes

2/13/2017 (Permalink)

We often face burst or leaking pipes, as a water damage culprit.

Westwood Residential Homes Being Affected by Water Damage 

When homeowners hear water damage, they most likely think of flooding or roof leaks caused by various types of natural disasters, like wind or rain storms. However, there are many other ways for water to enter and cause damage to your home.

You can take precautionary measures to help reduce or even prevent water damage in your Westwood home. In most cases, homeowner preparation saves time and reduces many of the costs associated with repairs. The quicker you notice problems that exist, and the faster you contact someone for help, the higher the chance is that you limit your home's exposure and prevent losses.

We experience quite a few different kinds of water damage situations in homes just like yours on a daily basis, all of which have SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians performing quality solutions for our customers. Using the services provided by expertly trained, professional restoration technicians gives you several advantages.

We often face burst or leaking pipes, as a water damage culprit. A clogged drain attached to a toilet or garbage disposal causes pressure to build up, creating cracks or breaks in piping that can leak for a long time before being discovered. However, SERVPRO technicians have access to detection equipment to assist in locating and removing these kinds of water problems before they can cause excessive damage.

While SERVPRO also deals with many issues associated with your plumbing system, where hoses and pipe joints become weak and cause damages to your walls or ceiling that are also hard to detect until water has the time to cause enough damage to present visual signs. We have services available to clean, restore and repair the affected area to a quality pre-damage condition.

We have experienced water build-up in crawl spaces, attics or basements, generally caused by broken appliances, or improperly maintained ventilation system issues. Regardless, if not cared for properly, washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters, and dishwashers are all susceptible to deterioration and need proper attention.

Leading us back to natural disasters or weather-related problems that cause flooding and other intrusion situations that you initially thought of when this topic was presented. While these situations do exist, they happen far less frequent than most of the others described above.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of Beverly Hills - Westwood today for additional information or professional services for your home. (310) 390-7540.

Dealing with Water Damage in Beverly Hills

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Don't let water damage keep you out of your home for long. Call SERVPRO quickly to remediate!

SERVPRO will Follow Procedures to Help Prevent Secondary Damage when Dealing with Water Damage Restoration

When water or flood damage happens, there is a small window of time when remediation is essential to stop larger problems from occurring. If the damage is left partially treated or untreated, mold growth can occur. This can cause long-term problems and be a health danger to you and your family. If steps are taken within the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the damage has happened, it’s possible to avoid problems with mold.

First Steps to Clean up

Once your home has been exposed to water from leaking or flooding, there are a few steps to follow to prevent mold damage. The first thing to do with water damage remediation is to stop the source of the water if possible unless you are dealing with a flood in Beverly Hills. Then the excess water will need to be removed, and our SERVPRO technician will do this with heavy duty fans and vacuums, plus dehumidifiers to assist in removing the moisture from the air.

It may be necessary as well to pull up carpeting or other flooring which were affected by the water. Ceiling tiles, insulation and other surfaces that are porous could need to be removed and replaced as well depending on the damage which has happened. If they are not replaced, they can be the perfect breeding ground for mold since they will keep holding moisture for a long time.

In the first 24 hours, we may be able to salvage some of the items in your home. Certain kinds of electronics, for example, could be useable like medical equipment, computers, printers, fax machines and the like. When these things are taken from a flood site, they need to be turned off and kept off for several days. Corrosion can be stopped by lowering the humidity by letting the equipment dry out.

When Mold Starts to Grow

It can take around 48 hours for mold to start growing, and if areas in your home have been wet in this time period, we will need to take additional steps in our water damage remediation so we can stop the mold damage. This time frame is a general rule of thumb, and mold could start growing faster if your home is in a humid area.

Even if there is no visible mold, don’t be fooled. It can still be present, and the only way to know for sure is for our professionals to do testing in your home to determine if there is mold growth.

If our technicians at SERVPRO of Beverly Hills / Westwood can come out to your home and take immediate action, this can lower the cost of repair and replacement. If you have water damage in your home, call us right away by dialing (310) 390-7540, and we will take care of you.

Regular Appliance Maintenance Can Help Prevent Water Damage

10/11/2016 (Permalink)

Septic tanks require regular maintenance. If yours should leak, call SERVPRO!

Certified SERVPRO Technicians are Equipped to Handle Damage to Your Home or Business

While California has been known more recently for their droughts and lack of rain, homes on the West Coast are still in danger of experiencing water damage from within the home. Did you know that the average home containing two bathrooms and three residents will produce over 85,000 gallons of wastewater every year?
Water removal in Westwood is often necessary due to internal pipe leaks, overflowing bathtubs, leaking toilets, and catastrophic pipe bursts. If you have suffered any of these water events, SERVPRO can help you with your water emergency and restore your home. First, consider some simple helpful tips so you can prevent such damage from devastating your home.
The Unusual Suspects
Your household appliances are often disregarded as threats against your home. However, household plumbing, septic tank damage, broken drain hoses, and other water events make up a large part of homeowner water damage claims. Neglecting these parts of your home can make these vital areas a ticking time bomb ready to devastate your home.
It is well worth it to prevent damage through maintenance. One of the most disregarded parts of a residence is the septic tank. Inspect yours at least once a year and have the septic tank pumped every three to five years. This crucial tank is essentially a living filter that separates all of the wastewater before it flows out into the drain field for final purification.
A septic tank leak is one of the most dreaded events a homeowner can face. However, this is nearly always preventable, if the proper maintenance is done. A septic tank is a large, watertight container beneath the land around your home. All of the wastewater from your shower, bath, laundry, kitchen, and toilets flow into this tank. Heavy solids inevitably settle to the bottom, where bacteria reduces them to gas and sludge. Lighter solids such as grease from your kitchen rise to the top as a layer of scum.
Septic Tanks: Prevention through Maintenance
One of the best ways to prevent disaster is to have your septic tank pumped by professionals every three to five years. There are cheap and effective ways to help along your septic tank between cleanings, from inside your home, too! Simply use a septic tank treatment as a preventative measure. All there is to this method is purchasing these extremely affordable water soluble sachets online or in-store and dropping one into your toilet and flushing it.
These bio-active septic tank treatments contain billions of bacteria and septic-specific enzymes per dose that help to prevent backups. Once flushed down the toilet, it makes its way to your septic tank, and the live bacteria dissolves away solids. Done once a month, this treatment can cost you around $25 a year and is readily available online and in the store. Simply commit to simple preventative measures, and you can save yourself much money, headache, and future damages in the long run.
Water removal inside your home is nearly always unexpected, but it does not have to be a nightmare. Contact SERVPRO of Westwood-West Beverly Hills at (310) 390-7540 if you have experienced a water emergency. We are available to take your call 24/7, with our day and night Emergency Services.

Yes, It Is Possible to Save Flood Damaged Documents

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Rely on SERVPRO to Recovery Your Flood Damaged Books and Documents

Water Damaged Books May Be Salvaged by SERVPRO

One of the biggest losses after a flood or water emergency is documents. Not only is the cost of getting new ones a factor, but the emotional value as well -- loosing favorite books or family heirlooms can be tough to handle. Fortunately, it's possible in many instances to save documents affected by flooding.
Many homeowners with flood damage in Century City are often surprised to learn that their treasured books and important documents don't have to be tossed out automatically. By calling us as quickly as possible after a flood, you'll increase the chances that your documents can be dried and salvaged. Here are some ways that we work to dry books and papers after a flood.
Air Drying
SERVPRO often uses equipment that efficiently air dries books and documents. This process works well for items that have not sat in water for extended periods of time, those made of more resilient paper, and documents with sturdy covers or binding.
Humidity will break down paper over time, which is why it's important to dehumidify homes with flood damage. Our team will set up equipment to get rid of excess humidity in combination with other techniques to increase the chances of saving your documents and books.
Freeze Drying
Sometimes a rush of cold air helps prevent irreversible damage to papers and books, and this works best when done soon after a flood. Freeze drying is an option with photos and vintage documents as well as books.
Vacuum Drying
SERVPRO has advanced equipment capable of vacuum freeze-drying and thermal drying documents within homes with flood damage. Using these two methods, even older materials and those that are valuable or fragile can have a chance of being restored. Our expert training and a large inventory of equipment offer the best opportunity to recover water damaged documents, photos, and soft materials.
If you've experienced a water emergency, count on the experts at SERVPRO of Westwood-West Beverly Hills to get your home and possessions back in good shape. Whenever possible, we'll dry out your documents to prevent the expense and hassle of getting replacements. For a quote or to learn more about our flood damage restoration services, call us 24/7 at (310) 390-7540.

Los Angeles Water Damage--Steps You Can Take

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SERVPRO Says Water and Electricity Can Be a Dangerous Pair in Your LA Home

SERVPRO Can Complete Your Water Damaged Los Angeles Property Restoration Service

Water damage can result from problems such as flooding or a burst pipe in your Los Angeles home. It is important to have a Los Angeles water damage company clean out for you as soon as possible. The water can ruin your possessions, cause waterborne and vector-borne diseases and weaken the structural integrity of your house. Here are a few tips for cleaning your house after the damage. 

Inform Your Insurance Company
Before you do anything, call your insurance agency and tell them about the water damage. You also need to inform them about what you plan to do to mitigate the damage. Doing this saves you time and makes it less hectic when you decide to claim any money for damages. 

Disconnect The Power And Unplug All The Electronics
Water is an electricity conductor. If you enter a house where it has come into contact with live wires, you are likely to get shocked or even electrocuted. Switch off the power that leads to the affected area, particularly if the water is above the electrical outlets. Alternatively, you can turn off the power at the main switch that is often located at the entrance of the house. Additionally, remove all electronics, furniture, and other movable items. The quicker these items are out of the water’s harm, the higher your chances of salvaging them. 

Turn Off The Water Main
It is important to know the location of the main water valve in the house, or outside nearby. In the case of any floods, turn off the water at the valve. It does not matter whether the water came from the ground runoff or a burst pipe. You are safe switching off the water and checking for the source of the flooding later. 

Concentrate on Drying Your Home
Even without any industrial grade equipment like that which water damage and restoration professionals like SERVPRO have, you need to focus on making your home dry. Open the doors and windows in your house to increase the air flow. Increasing the rate of evaporation through air movement helps. In so doing, you lessen the chance of mold growth. But for more than a mere puddle.....

Call A Restoration Company
You can clean small amounts of water. However, for extensive water extraction, cleaning and restoration, consider calling a competent Los Angeles water damage restoration company. Unlike you, SERVPRO has the expertise, equipment, and tools to restore your house fast and efficiently. IICRC certified technicians competently salvage personal items, photos, and momentoes that may otherwise be lost forever. Water pumps, air movers, dehumidifiers, and foggers are some of the arsenal stocked within their green vans and box trucks. Professional water damage services allow you to focus on other aspects of getting your life back in order.

If you experience flooding and any other form of water damage, place your trust in a premier company that can restore your home "Like it never even happened." Call SERVPRO of Westwood-West Beverly Hills 24/7 via (310) 390-7540 for quick and professional services.

Beverly Hills Water Damage Causes

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Be Watchfull So Your House Doesn't Leak Like This Bucket

SERVPRO's Tips for Avoiding Beverly Hills Water Damage

Beverly Hills water damage can show up in many different ways. There are few things as structurally damaging as a flood. And, unfortunately, even homes which are not located in ‘at risk’ areas can find themselves dealing with far too much water. If plumbing fixtures burst, the results are much the same, so steps must be taken to protect a home from plumbing failures.

We tend to take the plumbing system which moves water inside our homes for granted. However, when it breaks down, action must quickly be taken. The best solution is always prevention. Inspection and maintenance are the keys to troubleshooting and identifying problems, as well as understanding what is required to fix them. SERVPRO offers some information and suggestions to help you prevent water damage to your home in Beverly Hills.

Top Tips for Avoiding Leaks & Water Damage
Clean Gutters Regularly: it is not enough to just install high-quality gutters, they must remain free of leaves and debris. Rainwater collected in the gutters needs an unobstructed passage to reach the downspouts. It must then flow at least five feet away from the foundation and exterior walls freely.

Install a Sump Pump: if you live in a very wet or low-lying area. It is surprisingly easy for basements to become flooded during heavy rains or appliance failures. As the unwanted water collects in the sump pump catchment, it can be drained to the exterior of the building.

Appliance Malfunctions: electrical appliances like dishwashers and washing machines are supplied with water under pressure. Frequently the fittings will corrode over time initiating a pinhole leak that eventually ruptures the supply line. Plastic drainage hoses will dry out and crack after extended use. Replace them with reinforced hoses before this happens.

Invest In Shut Off Switches: if you do use your dishwasher and washing machine very frequently, it's practical to invest in a water ‘shut off’ switch. If a washing machine cannot be instantly turned off during an emergency, a shut off switch can be used to override its settings and shut everything down immediately. These switches can be applied to single appliances or installed in the main water supply line.

Treat Pipes Carefully: burst pipes are the most common cause of household floods. This means no pouring oil or grease down a drain, leaving central heating on the lowest setting when away from home in the winter, and keeping a close eye on water pressure. If the water pressure in your home is above the advised psi for your area of Beverly Hills, seek advice from your water utility.

Finding Reliable Water Restoration Services

If you have found a leak or identified the presence of water damage in your Beverly Hills property, you need to take steps to repair it as soon as possible. Easy enough. Just pick up the phone and call the experts at SERVPRO. The skilled IICRC-certified technicians will remove the water using industrial grade equipment, dry out water damaged items and restore your home to its pre-loss state "Like it never even happened."

Highly-Trained Water Restoration Specialists

As leaders in the water damage industry, SERVPRO of Westwood-West Beverly Hills has advanced training and expertise, not to mention a tremendous amount of hands-on experience. Call us for fire or water damage emergencies in Beverly Hills, Westwood, and Century City for 24/7 service. (310) 390-7540

Reasons To Secure Professional Water Damage Restoration Service for Beverly Hills

11/12/2015 (Permalink)

Porous Drywall Required Removal and Repair Caused by a Leak

Water Damage Home in Beverly Hills Gets Help from SERVPRO

When your property is subjected to a natural disaster like flooding or an earthquake causing broken pipes, the unwanted outcome is often water damage to your Beverly Hills home. This excessive, standing water is problematic for many reasons, including the fact that it can pose health hazards, damage personal property, furniture, art, and weaken the structural integrity of your property. SERVPRO suggests that it is beneficial to secure professional water removal services. Learn more about why you should always hire a team of water damage experts to restore your property by considering the following four facts:

1. Standing or slowly dripping water attracts microorganisms, and these forms of bacteria can breed very quickly. Moisture is the driving force allowing for conducive conditions for growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. 

2. Furnishings and buildings that retain excessive levels of moisture will promote microorganism development and fungi growth, even after the visible water has been extracted. The drying process, utilizing specialized air movers, and dehumidifiers are incorporated. This drying process is on-going until moisture measurement inspections indicate the ambient air humidity is about 45 percent.

3. The materials and furniture that were exposed to excessive water have to be evaluated for saving or discarding. SERVPRO utilizes a proprietary software technology called CCIS to inventory each room. Categories of not-salvageable, salvageable or questionable items and materials are listed for you and your insurance adjuster to decide how to proceed with the water damage restoration process. We will assist with our experience to "restore before replace" to control costs and expedite to completion the entire service.

4. Attempting to remedy water damaged possessions and materials on your own can cause physical stress and unwanted, unknown exposure to health hazards such as category 3 water (highly contaminated sewage is one example). Safety clothing, gear, equipment, and know-how are essential aspects leading to a safe and effective water damage restoration process.

What Should You Look For In A Water Removal Company?
• Industry experience and leadership
• A stellar reputation for professionalism and customer service
• 24/7 emergency services, always available
• IICRC-certified technicians, with extensive supplemental training
• Free estimates, action plan, work with your insurance agent

Call SERVPRO For Excellent, Effective Water Removal Services

Once standing water is damaging your residential property in Beverly Hills, it must be removed. To ensure that this process is completed correctly, trust the trained technicians of SERVPRO. We possess all of the attributes of a winning team, and we work for you to get your home back to pre-water damage condition. "Like it never even happened."

Locally Owned and Operated

We are proud to be an active member of Beverly Hills. SERVPRO of Westwood/Beverly Hills is locally owned and operated so we’re already nearby and ready to help Westwood and surrounding communities with any-sized flood or water damage emergencies. Call us. (310) 390-7540

Protect Your Los Angeles Home From Water Damage Induced Mold

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Mother Nature and Water Damage

A Los Angeles Home Can Suffer Many Consequences from Water Damage

Water can cause severe damage to both the inside and outside of a home. One of the most serious consequence of water damage is the development of mold within a Los Angeles home. When water damage occurs, it is important to take the following steps to prevent mold from developing:

1. Remove Excess Water

The most important step to take when water damage occurs is to stop the water flow and remove all excess water. This may require turning off a home's water supply or repairing the home plumbing system. To speed up the removal of excess water, open the home's doors and windows to help air circulate and remove water. Installing fans throughout the home will also help with removing excess water and moisture from the home. Running a dehumidifier aids in the removal of moisture from the home. If there are any appreciable quantities of water in the house, then it is time for professional assistance.

2. Consult a Water Damage and Restoration Professional 

Following any damage caused by water, it is important to consult a professional who can ensure that your home's water supply is safe for consumption. A water remediation professional from SERVPRO can perform a purification process that will remove harmful bacteria that might be in the home's water supply. 

3. Remove Wet Furnishings from the Home

After attempts have been made to remove all excess water and possibly cut off the water supply, next remove any wet furniture from the home, including carpeting. These efforts on your part are probably too difficult to execute quickly and safely.  A suggestion, let the professionals enter and do the heavy lifting, is noted. The water damage technicians from SERVPRO can expeditiously salvage waterlogged items and personal possessions.

4. Consult a Water Restoration Professional

A professional technician will do an assessment and inspection of the Los Angeles house to identify any potential hidden dangers. These may include items such as loose boards, wet electrical outlets or appliances. While using dehumidifiers and fans are helpful to prevent mold, there might be areas within the home's structure that are still holding water. Wet drywall can lead to a serious mold problem. Porous materials like drywall should be removed from the premises to stem the proliferation of mold growth. SERVPRO has extensive experience in dealing with this health issue.  

Making repairs on homes suffering from mold damage can be very expensive and stressful. Count on the professional at SERVPRO to ensure that the proper steps are taken to prevent your home from being overrun by mold caused by water damaged building materials or furniture.  This mold remediation is performed in conjunction with the cleanup, repair, and restoration of your personal property and home.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Westwood/Beverly Hills is close by and ready to respond to your water or flood damage emergency. We are proud to be an active member of the West Beverly Hills community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be.

We proudly serve Beverly Hills, CAWestwood, CALos Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas.

If you have flood or water damage call us today and we will respond immediately.  (310) 390-7540

Signs that you Might Have Mold in your Beverly Hills Home

6/9/2015 (Permalink)

Black mold growing on floors, ceilings or walls, there is already a serious contamination problem in the home

Mold in your Beverly Hills Home

For any homeowner, having black mold on visible or underlying areas of a home is a serious concern that requires fast action to avoid additional problems. Many varieties of mold are able to grow in hidden areas of a home for long amounts of time, leading to extensive growth that requires a mold removal specialist to find and remove. A trained and licensed mold remediation company in Plano, Texas is able to assess the level of mold damage in a home and offer several mold removal services. To help homeowners determine when it is time to call a professional remediation team, everyone should understand the most frequent signs of mold.

Seeing Excessive Moisture

Noticing excessive moisture in a home indicates the possibility of mold growth caused by leaking water pipes in the walls or high humidity levels throughout a home. Hollywood Black mold requires a constant moist and dark environment to continue growing, thriving and spreading. A home with old or defective plumbing fixtures located inside walls and ceilings creates the perfect condition for mold to grow in a damp and hot environment. Homeowners must contact a water restoration professional for assistance with a home’s mold problem.

Constantly Noticing Musty Odors

Black mold growth has a distinctive musty odor that remains in a home constantly. If a homeowner smells strange aromas in certain areas of a home such as a basement or kitchen, then this is frequently a sign that there is mold growth in hidden areas. The most common places to notice musty odors are in damp and dark spaces such as crawl spaces or cellars that are particularly susceptible to having mold growth and damage. As soon as a homeowner notices a musty and moldy smell anywhere in a home, they should contact mold remediation professionals.

Noticing Visible Mold Growth

In addition to musty odors, a homeowner should inspect for visible mold located on areas such as windowsills, bathroom ceilings and attic insulation. Black mold typically begins as tiny dark spots that are arranged in clusters on drywall or wallpaper. When a homeowner notices black mold growing on floors, ceilings or walls, there is already a serious contamination problem in the home. A mold remediation expert understands how to remove all traces of mold from a home. 

Any home or business can quickly become infested with mold with the introduction of a water source, like a roof or plumbing leak. Mold can spread throughout a property in as little as 48-72 hours, and can produce allergens and irritants that have the potential to cause other health effects.  

If you suspect that your home or business has a mold problem, SERVPRO Franchise Professionals can inspect and assess your property. If mold is found, they have the training, equipment, and expertise to handle the situation.

We proudly serve Beverly Hills, CAWestwood, CALos Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas.